A moment before bedtime

At the end of each busy day, it became more than a habit for me to talk to God. In actuality,  we sometimes forget to pray when we’re too tired, too sleepy, to impatient, just overly happy, or too annoyed with our day. I am guilty of these too more than once, twice, or thrice. Nevertheless, we seek a higher power to thank, to praise, request, and ask forgiveness from. There’s a part of almost everyone that makes the heavens filled with voices praying every night.

Aside from prayer, most moms like me enjoy the moments before my own bedtime when the kids are asleep. The little moments of catching up in social media, catching up with my reading (if I can even finish a chapter), updating my to-do lists, planning our weekly menu, thinking and planning stuff, and so on and so forth.

It’s these moments that we find ourselves, our plans, our desires, and our real goals. So thankful that both our children sleep through the night at an early age (of course there’s feeding time and diaper change time until now for both our children). I’ve never appreciated quiet moments and alone times until I became a mom. I thought being alone before was so uncool! We tend to overthink things and our life. As I always say here, life is really simple, we choose to make it complicated sometimes.

Tonight, I still can’t explain how time flies despite being and seeing each of my kids every minute of everyday. There’s sort of a routine at home everyday but none of the days will be exactly the same. It’s happily exciting and we’re all enjoying each day with these kiddos.

Photo from #GetBlisstified workshop

It’s been a crazy crazy week at home and today I read an article about how some millennials don’t want to have children. It actually saddened me and left me thinking- why do they think that way? I love kids! Who doesn’t? Apparently, there are people who hate children. Well, we’re all created and programmed differently anyway. I respect that. I just can’t even start to understand some things written there. But this is reality and again, my fears for my kids start to come in. Oh.. they’ll be fine. With us here, I know they will be 🙂 Lord know and He knows best.

Life is good ! Do this with me… Breath in, breath out…1924857_10152214081733346_2039832521_n











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