Dressers & Vanity Tables for small rooms

If you live in the city and or live with children in small spaces like condominiums, townhouses, or maybe your home has limited space, you know how every inch of space is so useful. Most new and young families in the city now in Manila start their own home in a condominium (of course not all). There are pros and cons of course to condo living.

Regardless where you live, it’s all about making space for everything you have and of course making memories there. After months of quest for a more permanent home for our growing family (since we’ve been renting), we really need to maximize space especially now that everything the kids have come in two’s like the stroller, clothes, shoes, and so forth and so on. Yes, we found a new home and we’ll be moving in soon. We are grateful for this new chapter. The past 2 years have been so fast and so overwhelming  especially with the arrival of our 2 kids.

As we look into purchasing new appliances and furnitures, there’s one thing I’m excited to plan- our dresser or vanity table. Women (and probably more men now) know how important this is. It’s actually fun looking at the modern designs.

Sharing my top picks from my Pinterest board. You might like one of these for your room. I had a hard time picking, but soon you’ll find our which one we picked. It’s time to get rid of old makeups and just keep the basic and good ones!








They’re all pretty depending on how it matches what you need and your home’s overall theme.

It’s really exciting to look at stuff for the home especially now that we have kids who will use them too.

“Home is the starting place of hope, love, and dreams”


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