Get Blisstified: Where Passions Come to Life

So glad I spent an afternoon with a wonderful power duo. Kimi and Martine gathered a group of people who want to pursue their passions in life. Some need to know their passion while some found them already but don’t know how to make it happen. As they said, blisstification is a process so it doesn’t just happen overnight. Being experts in their field Kimi Lu, a Life Coach and creator of #Protons, guided everyone into a very encouraging meditation like no other. Martine De Luna, creator of #MakeItBlissful, shared and passed on to everyone how to be experts with great passion and how the process of productizing your passion is equally important as your passion product. Kimi and Martine are both passionate on what they do so take it from the expert and you’ll know what I mean if you go to their workshops.

Sometimes we need a tap or a push (just like Get Blisstified workshop) that we can make things happen if we believe we can. The workshop allowed me to know what my passion is and what I need to do to make that passion a happy part of my everyday life. Then eventually have my passion product too. It is actually the start of something new for everyone who attended. There’s more to the few hours we spent together and the process of blisstification just started through the workshop and continues through my everyday life now.

It was an afternoon of realization for me and everyone I met in the lovely La Creperie Restaurant. I got so much inspiration, new friends, and new experiences. There were things we did in the workshop that I never did before in my life. It was a great experience!

Our Get Blisstified loot! We got to take home these beautiful stuff too – from Balay Kandila scented candle, Origins moisturizer, SimpleMama VCO (virgin coconut oil) set, Belong Magazine (for selected attendees only), WishList Studio scrapbook with our names, some lovely inspiration cards.



Due to insistent public demand, there will be 2nd run of Get Blisstified workshop on September 28! So guys, grab this rare opportunity to know yourself better and be fuelled by your passion. You really won’t regret it!


This will be an afternoon of life COACHING & PERSONAL BRANDING activities that will give you ACTIONABLE STEPS towards creating work that you love!  Martine and Kimi is going to work with you and support you for one whole year!  This moment right now is already the beginning of your Passion Project! It’s happening!!!

Click for more details:

  • When: Sept 28 Wednesday
  • Time: 10am-1pm
  • Where: Earth Kitchen , BGC

Contact Kimi for details at 09174930722



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