3rd Month (Matteo)

Weee! He’s three! 🙂

I can’t believe it was 3 months ago since I gave birth for the second time already. Time flies when you’re having a wonderful time with the children and family everyday. Adjusting to a new baby just happened. I worried that it would be so difficult but it was easy and fun. chaotic at times, but at the end of the day, everything just gets done and everything turns out to be fine.

Our little boy is growing in turbo speed. I’m not kidding! He is. And as I write this now, I can see him trying to reach his feet. He can pull his head away from the seat already and he is gaining more control of his feet and arms. He is also the most talkative 2-month old baby I’ve ever seen and heard. He tries so hard to talk when people talk to him. He will almost giggle and always almost about to burst into laughter any day now. We are thankful for a healthy and strong baby boy.

He’s growing up per month but his big sister (at one year and 6 months) is also becoming more aware of her brother’s presence and is starting to mind him – kissing his legs, touching him gently once in a while. She’s also starting to hold his hand and touch his face.



Hi Matt,

This month you are trying to talk to all of us. We had a lot of fun playing everyday and going around our little world in our building and around it. Soon you will have more adventures and your world will become bigger. You will meet a lot of new people and see new things. We will always be here to guide you.

Next month you will unlock new skills again and we can’t wait to see you do them by yourself. We document each one and we will be showing them to you when you grow up. Your Ate Chesca loves you so much. She keeps checking on you and when you cry, she seems worried and runs to you every time. She kisses your feet and your arms. She wants to even hold your head (not yet).

We look forward to wonderful play and learning days with you.

We love you so much Matt!



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