We all need this: Simple Me-Time Ideas

Having time for oneself especially for moms are very important. Do something alone (may be with someone you love to be with) that you enjoy and this is what we call me-tim. It’s not about being lonely in solitary but a good way to preserve oneself despite the demands of motherhood, being a wife, homemaker, a daughter, a friend, an employee or employer, and all other hats we wear. They say moms are usually the first responders to everything in the home – when the husband or kids get sick she takes care of them, when’s something’s wrong, or even when there’s something right 😉 Women (especially as a mom) have so much happening in their heads (but with a full heart..don’t get us wrong) and they also need their quiet time.

How long is an ideal me-time? Well, a good 15 minutes is actually enough daily. It makes a lot of difference to date yourself everyday to do the stuff you enjoy and love 🙂


We all do need our me-time! Here are some reasons why:

  • We need rest to perform all tasks better and with quality.
  • Time to relax and unwind without taking expensive or time-consuming vacations and activities.
  • It will calm us. Keep our thoughts organized and our temper controlled. It will eventually make us more productive.
  • It will make us better decision makers who do not decide on impulse out of burn out or clouded minds.
  • We will be able to pause and appreciate what we have and be grateful for them. Sometimes we’re too busy and bombarded by so many things happening during the day/, that we forget to see what we have inside of seeing what we don’t have.
  • Mothers tend to give more and more until we have nothing left to ourselves. Me-time will give us peace instead of burdensome feelings after we’ve done and given all our best in our daily lives. Sometimes it can lead to self-discovery – we discover new talents and new passion in life.
  • Allows us to focus and plan our day/s more. In the army, it’s like going to a battle with a great plan instead of just shooting  and wasting a lot of bullets.

Simple Me-Time activities we can all do without spending too much:

  1. Close your eyes – add your favorite music and relax
  2. Dance your heart out – dance like there’s no tomorrow and release the tensions and worries!
  3. Bathroom time – a good, slow, relaxing bath with a clear mind and a relaxing music perhaps? Moms would know what I mean!
  4. Write  – if it relaxes you to write and makes you happy, do it! Write or start a blog, diary, journal, letters, etc.
  5. Walk – around the village, park, mall
  6. Window Shop – for some, going around to check stuff gives them relaxation and fun.
  7. Nap – Take a real nap!
  8. Me-time lunch – eat lunch alone in silence. If it’s not possible in the house, eat out!
  9. Read – you don’t need to finish a book. Just a chapter or few of a good book, magazine, newspaper, or anything you wish to read.
  10. Exercise – run fast to a nearby gym or do it in your home. There are many videos uploaded and apps to help and guide you.
  11. Talk/ chat with a family or friend – catch up with a good friend. You don’t need a long conversation, but knowing how your good friends and loved ones are will make you happy and contented for the gesture of caring and love you both showed each other.
  12. Reminisce – sit and remember your favorite events. Enjoy with your favorite drink or snack. It will give a smile on your face that will last the whole day and even days.
  13. Arts and Crafts – try something new for the home or with your young kids.
  14. Try something new – there are so many things in this world that you can try. Maybe  a recipe, crafty task, new adventure or activity with your kid/s, watch something new, etc. There are many things you can see in Pinterest 😉
  15. Stretch – if you cannot exercise or maybe lazy, stretching on your own is similar to yoga. It will give your tired muscles a good rest and stretch to make you feel rejuvenated. Do yoga if you know how.
  16. Drive and play your good music – quick alone drive to the grocery or mall or resto with your favorite music or just in silence is so relaxing
  17. Massage – get a good full body massage
  18. Nail time – beautify your nails girls, it will help make you feel good about yourself. Yes it does that to girls! 🙂
  19. Watch your favorite movie or a feel good movie
  20. Cook or bake if it relaxes you
  21. Get some flowers to fix for the home
  22. Shopping – on a budget okay?
  23. Relax and do nothing, Breathe
  24. Go to mass alone or go to a chapel and talk to God
  25. Keep in touch with your group – friends or mom group
  26. Organize the home – if  it relaxes you
  27. Unplug (for real) – unplug from your phone and social media chaos for a couple of hours
  28. Update yourself on what’s hot and what’s happening – a busy person sometimes is not updated on the latest fashion trends, news, and music. Read up on this and visit your favorite sites and magazines.
Today, in my me-time, I reminisced our time in Bodega Bay (an inlet in the northern coast of California) as we enjoyed nature and the company of each other as couple

It’s not only the moms who need me-times of course. Everyone, even dads, or even teenagers need their time too. There are so many productive and relaxing things we can do for me-times.

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters”

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