My Adventure with my Newborn

When you’re a second time mom, you feel braver, more confident, and you have that feeling that you can do anything and everything under the sun. Crazy ? but this is true for me and probably some other moms too. I’ve been super hands on with both 2 kids (taking care of them amd being with them literally 24/7) and I’ve set aside some other personal plans for now for them. All my days, hours, and minutes are with them and for them. We believe they are only young once so we will do what we can for them if we can at all possible means and that not everyone may have this opportunity that I having.

I’ve come to realize that having to take care of a child is not an easy task and what more 2  kids or more right? And what about those with twins and triplets? How do they do it? Well, all questions have answers and sometimes things just really fall into place if we just have faith and believe. Cooperation and being united as a couple with your extended families will help too.

My meals have never been the same. What I mean is, if I ate so fast with the birth of my first born (because we had no nanny for her until her 9th month), I eat doubly fast now and when I say fast it means less than 5 minutes (no exaggeration here). It’s perfectly fine with me but I miss taking my time during food breaks (back in my corporate life) sometimes. I don’t feel burdened by everything if everyone around me is so helpful with a smile and with a willing heart. But if people around me are burdened by helping me, it make me so irritated and tensed. Lucky we have good happy helpers too!

Since we buy groceries and everything in the home ourselves too, it has been a challenge for us to do this these days with the busy schedule of my husband and my being hands on at home. So I decided to go to the mall and finish what I can alone. Well not alone really but with my newborn boy 🙂 Yes, I braved going to the mall alone with the little man. I could bring a helper but I want this time to bond with our boy. And so I’d like to share how baby-friendly some malls can be here in the Philippines.

And so I ditched my own bag this time so I just have one bag to bring around– the diaper bag and my wallet in it. I also have the stroller, car seat, 1 bottle of milk containing breast milk (approximately 6 ounces for my chubby boy), and baby carrier with me. I know this happens everyday in other countries since they don’t usually hire nannies. But here in the Philippines, it’s not a usual sight to see just a mom and a baby (small ones) alone doing errands and moving around the city (well, since our country is not too baby friendly in most public places).


I was thinking that if I take Uber life will be easier for me with the baby. But I decided to just drive the big car so we can change in the car or load stuff if needed. And so our little bonding adventure..

  • Baby Matt was sleeping on my way to the parking level of our condominium building but woke up just right before we leave after I loaded all the stuff in the car (the bag and stroller). So I decided to go ahead and leave with him awake during our travel to the mall (anyway the mall was just 10 to 15 minutes away from the house). 
  • While we were traveling, Matt was uneasy for some reason and started crying halfway. I couldn’t do anything so I just let him cry. He stops every now and then which is a sign he’s a bit okay (but really not.. and I was myself uneasy too!). I just had to be calm and focus on driving while still making sure he was okay (this needs a lot of presence of mind and focus). Our destination seemed to be so far for me and traffic lights seemed to take forever! 
  • It seemed that Mat was hungry so I fed him before going down the car to make sure he’s loaded with milk when we go around the mall and buy the stuff we need. 
  • He slept after I fed him which is good so I could relax myself as I go around the mall with him on the stroller. We went to Power Plant Mall because it’s near our home, not so big, clean, and baby-friendly. It has elevators that are fast and not crowded during weekdays. 
  • At the first shop, Matt woke up! My goodness! I was a bit tensed and hoping he won’t cry. So I continued pushing him around on his stroller and went to other shops around the mall. I even used the stroller as my grocery cart 😉 To my surprise, he didn’t cry the whole time and he was also awake the whole time. How can a 1 month old baby just be awake that long? We we’re going around for 1.5 hours! Growing up so fast or uneasy? haha! but he was just looking around so I guess, he’s also excited to see the mall perhaps?
  • As we were leisurely going around, Matt pooped! Oh no. Good thing this mall had a nursing station that’s big enough to fit and maneuver our semi-bulky stroller. I was able to feed him again (since he just chugged the 6 ounces of milk easily at one of our pit stops) and changed his diaper. 
  • Going home was a bit easier. Matt was still awake the entire time and just cried when we were in the parking of our condominium building. Good boy. I was able to buy everything needed for the home today (although the supplies I got were not in bulk)

I’m glad I took this mini adventure with my boy. Nothing extreme happened but I’ll be honest.. I was so tensed the whole time that I didn’t even eat or sat down to have coffee (as originally planned while supposedly the baby is asleep). This adventure is way too impossible to happen with our firstborn before. I was so protective and cautious and add paranoid to that too (I think it’s a first-time mom thing). This is something I will tell him when he’s a bit older or maybe send him the link to this post. I must say he was a calm baby while we were going around outside the walls of our home.

Taking every newborn moment in and enjoying my time.. he’s just growing up fast too. The other day, he started interacting- smiling, almost laughing, seems to be talking with his coos while looking at me. Aside from the fact that he looks like a 4-month old baby (yes, he’s extra large with pure breast milk), he’s taller for his age too. Oh boy, I’m sure he’ll be bigger than his Ate Chesca.

I’m thinking of more new adventures (just Matt and me) with him soon. Here’s the only picture we have together in the mall. This is in the nursing station and that’s hos bottle of breastmilk.



Collage 2016-04-08 06_09_24-1

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