Celebrate life with K&K Personal Store!

All the stuff I share about here in my site are my personal likes and favorites for myself and my family so you may also experience and know the products we enjoy. I really love products that resulted from passion and products for a good cause. I’ve always believed that everyone has a great idea but not everyone is brave to make that idea happen. Well, in products and businesses, there are no accidental great ideas, there’s just always a reason behind everything- like how K&K‘s products came about.

Sharing K&K Personal Store’s inspiring and meaningful story plus their unique products.


What is K&K Personal Store?

It is a business started by Kat De Guzman (Kat) and her sister Kamille. They offer products which highlight moments and sentimental aspects surrounding a person’s life. Their products celebrate life and relationships between people.

How and when did K&K Personal Store start?

K&K came together last September 2015 out of Kat’s sheer love for meaningful gift and personal items owned and given by people. Kat has been surrounded by close friends and family growing up and this closeness and love she experienced is something she wants other people to experience too.

“For me, a gift is something more than a purchase. It is something that celebrates life and the relationships between people. K&K came about after realizing that there is a need for unique and special gifts for all occasions. Unique in a sense that each family would have a different interpretation or appreciation of their personalized gift,” Kat explains.

She sold it to family and friends at first and then she decided to share the experience to a bigger market and spread the good vibes around – “We want to share K&K—and what it stands for—to as many people as possible.

Their logo, two K’s against each other, itself is a reflection of closeness—the closeness that Kat has with her sister, Kamille.

What does K&K Personal store offer?

Their first collection has been released and it includes the following:

  • Littera, Littera-II, and Apellido  – focuses on names, essentially the first thing that gives a person their identity
Make your spaces more personal with Littera
Littera- II celebrates relationships and closeness
Apellido embraces a person’s or family’s identity and affiliation
  • Numero – focuses on important dates on a person’s life.
Remember special dates and milestones with Numero
  • Retrato – celebrates on the imagery of a person, focusing on details like dimples, expressions, etc.
Capture your or/and your loved ones personality and signature assets with Retrato

Check these by liking their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/knkpersonalstore and following their Instagram – @knkpersonalstore

What sets K&K Personal Store apart from other gift shops?

The thing that makes the K&K unique is the experience itself of developing the purchase. “We want to make people feel as if they’ve put a bit of themselves in the purchase,” shares Kat. “The purchase itself becomes another memory.


Relationships, moments, and memories must always be celebrated and kept special just like how K&K wants to help people keep it that way. I personally treasure every single thing now that I’m a mom. I love documenting every random and important event and milestones of the family.


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