For Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Original article: 2016

Updated: July 30, 2022

It stresses us out when we see the skins of our babies with rashes, baby acne, or eczema. Both our babies have all those mentioned skin conditions at one point in their newborn life and sometimes the eczema still happens once in a while depending on the weather. It seems babies born today have more problematic skin and I just wonder why- maybe pollution, chemicals from all our modern tools, airborne? Sometimes it’s hereditary, sometimes acquired. But for our babies I think it’s hereditary from their Dad.

After more than a year of dealing with sensitive baby skin, we became aware of what to put and what not to put on their skin. This is aside from the fact that there’s an option for oral medicine that they can take. We’d rather try the ointments first before making the babies take in some medicine at once.

So here’s a few products we are currently using you can buy over the counter and take note that some should be used with doctor’s prescription only. Sharing our experiences with the products too.


Desitin Rapid Relief cream (by Johnson & Johnson) – We use this for diaper rash even when it’s just about to start. It’s a really big tube that comes in a big pack which contains 2 tubes. Got this from S&R. From what I know, drug stores don’t sell this locally. I tried calling a few months back and they said it’s not anymore available since 3-4 years back.

You don’t need to apply a lot since it has a thick and creamy consistency. It’s zinc oxide ingredient make it somewhat “waterproof” which protects also from wetness. No need for prescription. Best to call S&R what branches have stocks.

Drapolene – You may buy this from any leading drug stores nationwide. You don’t need a prescription for this. It’s not as thick as Desitin but it is also very effective for prevention and relief from diaper rash. Sometimes, in emergency situations, when our baby has a patch of itchy eczema and we need instant relief but we have other ointments around but Drapolene, we apply a little on the eczema patch and our baby is almost instantly relieved from itching.

When your baby has super sensitive skin like ours, diaper rashes just appear even if you keep changing their diaper and even if you keep them dry.

Physiogel – These are available in leading drug stores nationwide. These are not regular lotions, therefore they’re not also priced like  The blue one (Daily Moisture Therapy) is for everyday use even without a skin problem. It keeps the skin moisturized to prevent and protect it from possible skin irritations. The A.I. (Calming Relief) is for dry, irritated, sensitive skin. Know more about it in their Facebook page here

Eczacort – This we use for extreme itchiness and redness of when our babies have eczema flair ups. Well, it’s mostly our baby girl, Chesca. We put a think layer since this is steroids in ointment form of some sort so it causes the thinning of the skin with frequent and heavy use. You may buy this from drug stores nationwide. It also doesn’t need any prescription. It’s really effective so we keep a lot – in 2 baby bags when we go out and one here at home.

Elica Lotion– We used this just recently with our newborn baby Matt. It solved our problem with his skin! It was like magic! His baby acne, rashes on the arms and legs, cradle cap yellowish crusty skin became clear in just 1 day! They all never came back up to now. I use this also now when there are eczema flair ups. It can also prevent eczema like my our girl’s eczema. When it’s just about to start, we put a little on the skin and we noticed that her skin will be so clear from any rash or small sign of them. Use a small amount only. Available in drug stores nationwide. We had a prescription when we bought this but maybe you can still buy without.

Calmoseptine – We use this for diaper rash especially when it looks worse than normal. The ointment is very thick and seems to be so concentrated. We buy the sachets. It’s a bit expensive than those in tubes but it’s the most effective of all diaper rash ointments. It really stays on the skin and protects the skin from getting wet from the urine. You only need a little of it per application. No need for prescription too.

Petroluem Jelly – We put this to keep baby’s diaper rash area dry from the urine and to keep it moisturized to lessen the itch of a dry patch of eczema or rash. We used this for mild redness but not rashes or eczema patches. This is if you go for a more natural approach to diaper rash.

Ilog Maria anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral – This a natural cream from Ilog Maria. It can be used for skin irritations like rashes, insect bites, and infections. It is locally made and contains all-natural ingredients so it’s not at all harmful for baby. Bought this a long time ago. You may inquire its availability here.

Keep your skin and your baby’s skin clear and smooth just like the week ahead okay? 🙂

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