2nd Month (Matteo)

Our little Matteo turned 2 months old today! It was one long but sweet month. We enjoyed our baby’s newborn stage. Yes, every minute of it. He’s still generally very calm and easy to take care of. But he’s way too advance I guess not just in terms of size but in terms of trying to converse. He’s just so talkative!

He sleeps through the night just like his sister. Maybe because during the day our energizer bunny keeps making so much play time noise that he wakes up and stays awake to look around. He gets a good sleep also during the night when her sister is asleep. Oh poor boy, he just doesn’t get used to her sister’s noises.

It gets more exciting as we raise 2 kids under 2 years old. It’s definitely not a breeze but we know time’s really fast and before we know it, the kids will be going to school. Little Chesca loves to check up on her brother more often than before and sometimes watches mommy change his diaper. Little by little the adventure and little memories are unfolding and we can’t wait what the coming days and months will bring us. We are learning more and more even with our second child. We learned that every child is different and unique. We will surely discover more on this.

Meanwhile, the little girl is in her exploration and curious age, all her energy everyday is roaming around, running, and trying to express herself. She is our energy bunny everyday. Amazing where kids get their energy! 🙂 For now, Matt is on the sides watching her and when he joins her soon, we will get the full workout feel as we take care of them and chase them in their play times 😉

We welcomed Matteo to the Christian World and was baptized almost a week ago. More about his Baptism in another post soon. We were again showered with so much love by our family and friends. It was another memorable day.



To our happy smiley Matt,

We enjoy everyday with you and your Ate Chesca. Love your smiles and attempts to talk to us. You have clear eyes now and I’m sure you can see all of the people around you. You will soon explore the world more with your sister and always be patient with each other. You will learn that the world is not just as big as your playpen but way bigger and that God, dad, mom, and all our family and friends are here to protect you and guide you always.

May you grow up to be God-fearing and a fine gentleman. We love you very much little dude!


Collage 2016-04-08 06_09_24-1

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