Diaper Bag Essentials: Keeping it simple & complete

Parents tend to overpack for their children most of the time when we leave the home (especially for first time parents). Well, it’s better to overpack than leave some of your child’s important things right?

Don’t stress about this, this becomes easy and natural in time. Parents will master what their child needs in time (it really varies per child) – one may need extra bibs and clothes while the other needs more extra diapers and wet tissues. Also, the contents vary per age.

We have a 1-year old now and these are our bag essentials when we leave the home:

  • Diapers – 1 for ever 1-2 hours you’ll be out. But I usually maintain 4-5 diapers all the time.
  • Wash cloth – just 1 for emergencies just in case you need to wipe off stains or clean your child.
  • Socks – at least 1 pair just in case- for the cold or if your child will go to indoor play places where socks are required
  • 2 set of clothes for changing – at least 2 sets – 2 tops and 2 leggings/ shorts
  • Bib – just 1 for me since my kid hates bibs
  • Muslin cloths/ cloth diapers – 2-3 pcs. for wiping saliva, wear, liquids, or I put at the back of my child since she runs a lot and perspires a lot.
  • Milk and milk bottles + water – 3-4 bottles and enough supply of milk (you don’t need to bring the entire can of milk formula) and your child’s water cup.
  • Small plastics  for trashes or dirt diapers. It is sanitary to put used diapers in a sealed plastic bag before throwing them in trash bins.
  • Wet and dry tissues – wet tissues are always helpful to clean surfaces and your child for any mess he/she makes. In the absence of sinks and faucets, changing diapers for pee and poo are easier with wet tissues. Dry tissues are for other other mess your child might make like food mess when eating and wiping also his/ her mouth.
This one’s our favorite wipes. It’s thick and you don’t need to use a lot to get the job done. It lasts long! Available at S&R Membership Shopping Groceries nationwide
  • Hygiene kit – our contain these a hair brush, nail cutter, nail file, alcohol,
  • Medical kit – If you’re child is not sick, you may have these ready – thermometer, dropper, medicine spoon, paracetamol, diaper rash cream, anti-itch cream (since our kid has eczema), anti-mosquito patch and lotion or oil (to make sure it works well, we bring and put both on our child).
  • Books or/ and toys – it might help during times when your child is impatient in the car or somewhere where you’ll go.


  • Fan – in a tropical contry in the Philippines, a fan in mommies’ bags or child’s diaper bag helps in places where it’s hot and humid.
  • Biscuits/ snacks – just a few to keep the child busy too in the car or anywhere you go. This is helpful for teething kids too since their gums feel better with something they can chew on.
our baby loves this! Available at Healthy Options branches nationwide. Image from: Happy Family Brands site

*** We keep everything we bring compact and we don’t use a diaper bag. I find baby diaper bags too heavy even if there’s nothing inside. Right now, we use a large Longchamp Le Pliage or sometimes a backpack so it will be easier to bring around while carrying our kid. We sometimes use a bag organizer inside, sometimes no need. 


top view snapshot of the our current diaper bag

Luckily, we don’t need to bring food, bowls, plates, spoon and fork for our little girl. She eats anything (except processed baby food and sweets) since she was 8 months and uses regular teaspoons (not plastic or rubber) and can drink from a regular glass too early on. So  less things to bring for us. It pays to train your child to eat rice and whatever’s in the table at an early age. They don’t get picky on what they eat.

So do not fall prey in buying expensive diaper bags, you can actually use regular bags. You just have to organize the things well in the bag. But of course these branded diaper bags also help so you can find exactly where your child’s stuff are because of all the pockets inside.

Hope these will help moms and dads to have peace of mind when they go out knowing that they brought enough things for their children even for unexpected events.

Keep things simple, practical, yet complete. This is my life principle 🙂

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