What are PROTONS Workshops? Join Now!

Maybe you’ve seen the word protons around or is the first time you’ve heard about it? I’m sure you want to know what a Protons Workshop is!

What do you mean Protons?

As we define it in science, Protons are positively charged elements in an atom (smallest unit of matter). We will not get deeper into science, don’t worry. So basically, protons means being positive or having positivity. 🙂

Who started it all?

KIMI LU ! She is a Life Coach by profession and believes we are all positively charged beings thus the birth of her famous #protons campaigns, workshops, events, and sessions  with so many individuals like you and me who have now found new meaning, purpose, and are now more happily positively charged with love and happiness. 🙂

With her personal experience of being lost herself, she personally knows how to help people find their light to keep them with a positive outlook as they find their true happiness and purpose.

Why do you need Protons Workshops?

Let’s admit it, whether you’re old or young, living in this modern day keeps us so busy (at work, our homes, keeping ourselves updated with the new technologies and trends, catching up with our friends and social life, or business and money matters) that we forget to look into ourselves and look at the positive things within ourselves. We forget to stop, relax, and appreciate the simpler things in life.

We just don’t know it but new people, experiences, and new skills will bring out the best in our blissful selves which will radiate and affect our entire day to day lives.

These workshops will bring out more of those #protons in you for your busy days ahead. We cannot escape the stress, the busy life, and the demands of this modern era. We just need to know how to handle it without negativity to keep everything in the right order and everyone around you are happy as well. The workshops will be filled with #protons activities.

Being jolly and positive is contagious, you gotta spread it! 🙂

3 Protons Workshops coming up! JOIN NOW!



APRIL 23 Saturday
at La Creperie Salcedo Makati

with Visual Artist

We will hone #YourPositiveHeART through life coaching and brush calligraphy and create meaningful and intentional postcards filled with bliss and positivity! 💚


MAY 14 Saturday
at La Creperie Burgos Circle

with author of What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece

We will fully #CelebrateYourPurpose by planning, organizing, discovering, and declaring your hearts’ desires 💚


MAY 28 Saturday
at Cantino Pasong Tamo

with Make Up Artist

Come and be #HappyBeautifulYou from the inside and out. Learn basic make up application and how to be positively confident (with a heart). 💚



“I am too positive to be doubtful

Too optimistic to be fearful

Too determined to be defeated”

Collage 2016-04-08 06_09_24-1

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