Why We should Love Mondays

Mondays are almost everyone’s hatest day of the week. Why? Maybe because it breaks the fun and relaxation of the weekend that passed. Mondays make employees, students, or business people go back to their usual routine on weekdays which they find unlucky being in. We sometimes feel so unlucky to be in a monotonous, routinary, and boring life. All these are our chosen outlook and stream of feelings. We just think a good life is all about not doing anything or being filthy rich in money (even they have bigger problems than you).

Looking into the better angle of Mondays, these are why we should be thankful for all Mondays rather than keeping them your downers:

  • Mondays are your opportunity to start something fresh and new, however simple or big it is.
  • Be thankful for another week of life with everyone you love, include those people who you are still in the process of liking 😉
  • Being positive will give you a positive mindset for the entire week, shun those unwanted situations with a positive heart.
  • Always think that whatever you do today will lead you closer to better tomorrows and will get you closer to your dreams or higher goals. So stop the blues and start putting on those positive shoes!


  • No one is living the perfect life. So stop ranting and start acting. Even Jesus suffered so much and experienced so much pain for the best cause ever.
  • Think about it, you really  can’t escape Mondays anyway so why have those blues every time? Outlook and disposition are extremely contagious to those around you. Be that person that everyone wants to be with- good vibes, positive, and happy.
  • Having those negative Monday feelings show how you underestimate yourself. Believe in who you are and what you can do for a great week ahead and everything will follow.
  • Remember, nothing great comes from our comfort zones. We have to work hard and sacrifice to reach our bigger dreams. Stop comparing your life with others, your life is a blessing (every minute of it).
  • New Monday, new week, new beginning, new tasks, new goals, and new accomplishments.
  • It will feel so good, if you become an inspiration to all through your happy life disposition.Be the reason why someone smiles today.


  • Law of Attraction- you will attract what you believe, think, and what you focus on.
  • Mondays are just like any other weekdays but it can be better because you choose to start on a good note and because Mondays are new beginnings for new things to learn, new people to meet, new situations and experiences which you will be learning from to keep on improving yourself.

Those are just a few Monday self mantras we can make and reflect on. Mondays should never make you sad. Be that person to spread good vibes today because it’s Monday! 🙂

Today, I’m a child of God, mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend or a new friend. I work hard everyday for my family and for my ultimate happiness. I thank God for Mondays because I can do all errands and chores to keep everything in order and our lives better. I thank God for small things, new things, old things, and future things to help me grow and be a bigger person for others.

Think about your everyday inspirations and you’ll never have those start-of-the-week blues again.

A wonderful week is ahead, you just don’t know it 🙂 – Tina

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