This Useful Trolley for the Home

In preparation for the birth of our new baby plus the fact that our home has limited space especially our room, I needed a moveable, multi layer cabinet where I can put the stuff I’ll need for the newborn and my young toddler and a few of my stuff. Well, I needed somewhat like a movable side table so I can maximize whatever space I need at a particular time like move the co sleeper closer to me when needed and move the stuff aside and when  I need some stuff to change the baby or prepare milk, I can easily pull that side table towards me and have everything I need at arms length (that’s the plan).

Living in a condominium with limited space will make you screen your appliance purchase options (especially the ones that will eat up more space) over and over again before  you finally decide to buy it. For us, it needs to be durable, multipurpose (as much as possible), of good quality and trusted brand. We don’t mind paying extra if the product will last for a long time. Sometimes, because of too much budgeting we end up buying low quality stuff that we end up buying another one which will turn out to be more expensive. Good investments have good returns.

Back to my movable side table. So I was faced with 3 options which I had to screen and imagine how they will be of good use to me (I’m not picky, I’m just obsessive compulsive on many things 😉 ) :

  1. Mobile Pedestal – It will be useful yes but I ended up not liking how noisy it is when you open and close it and not so nice for the home aesthetically too. Cheaper but this was the first one out of the options.
  2. Multi layer trolleys just like the ones we see in salons – I was so close to buy this but it was too pricey when I asked several online salon products suppliers or maybe I should have inquired somewhere else, not online. The prices range from Php5,000 to Php6,500.
  3. Ikea Raskog Trolley – I’ve bee seeing this a lot in Ikea magazines and website. I found it too plain at first. After checking with Ikea importers here, I found it too expensive until I found a nice deal in Ensogo. The supplier tied with Ensogo delivered it in 2 days and it was a hassle -free transaction.

And so Ikea Raskog Trolley won! 🙂 and we’re more than happy with it!


It’s a simple purchase but I didn’t realize how useful the product was until I got it yesterday.

  • I thought it was made of plastic but only to find out when I opened the box that it was metal.
  • It needs to be assembled but with my skills in carpentry in handyman work, I assembled it easily and had fun too. It was like building Lego with instructions! This is why I love Ikea!
  • It looked so plain in the magazines and websites but it’s actually not. It has a classy feel that even in the bedroom, it doesn’t look like out of place. You just have to organize your stuff too since there’s no cover.
  • It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, living room, dining room, or bed room.
  • It moves smoothly too without noise and is very sturdy.
  • It doesn’t look and it’s not bulky but can still fit a good amount of stuff since it’s metal.

Overall, it really is a good product and I recommend to all for your homes. Whether you have so much space or you have limited space. It has so many uses- as a snack trolley, toy trolley, drink trolley, and many more. It’s a good investment. Since it’s metal, you can easily paint it in the future if you want a new color for the trolley.

I’m not sure until when the deal is available but here’s the link: Click here

I know this will be really useful to us in time even if we transfer to a new home.

“To create a better everyday life for the many people.” – IKEA Vision 🙂



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