Our Helpers and Home Deserve This for the Summer

We all want to feel comfortable everyday especially with the clothes we wear at home, at work, or when we go out. We always have something to say about the uniforms we wear and usually we’re not comfortable wearing them.

When our activities include manual labor or maybe lots of movements, we want to wear our most comfortable clothes to carry out our tasks and activities effectively and efficiently. Now that summer is here, we put out our summer clothes to feel relaxed everyday.

Even our helpers deserve comfortable clothes especially during summer time (like now!). I mentioned before that I was so happy with my little girl’s nanny’s uniforms from Home & Stitch and still am of course! Now that it’s summer and our little girl is starting to move around so much (toddler moves and toddler antics!), it’s really a good idea to give my nanny and helper comfortable home clothes. We should also always think about their comfort.

Summer’s here!!

Since summer in the Philippines is getting hotter and hotter  by the day now and by the year, we ordered culottes type of helper uniforms in cotton material to make it cooler for the helpers to move around and be able to perform their tasks well despite the heat. Culottes is a knee-lenngth trousers but with full length to resemble a skirt (which means it’s wide at the bottom too).Of course, like always, we had it customized for a comfortable fit. It doesn’t only look nice on them but the one wearing it feels so comfortable.

Our helpers deserve nice and comfy uniforms for their tasks. It also lessens their worries of having their own clothes soiled, saves them money in buying clothes for the workplace, and saves them time in choosing their clothes for their everyday job. A little pampering like this will make them happy too. This is a little thing we can do for them after all the help and assistance they give us everyday. 🙂

Get those customized uniforms from Home & Stitch now ! Just let them know what you want (design, color, measitements, and fabric) and they will give you Class A uniforms! They’re very accommodating and easy to talk to.

Customized uniforms and scrub suits available in pants and culottes!
They have existing designs or you can show your design too.

Our helpers are all happy with their uniforms and they take good care of them too 🙂

But wait, there’s more! 😉 Home & Stitch also sews customized table cloths, cloths placemats, cloth coasters, and cloth table napkins!

summer and fun colors
Order for you business needs too
Table cloths

Like Home & Stitch in Facebook, follow them in Instagram, and message them today for inquiries and orders or email them at homeandstitch@gmail.com ! 🙂

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” -Anne Frank


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