Uniforms are not boring

When we say uniform, we always think about boring and same clothes. When we have help (well, not for everyone though), some prefer uniforms to be worn daily to keep them looking neat and to avoid giving out dress codes to the helper/s in the home or at work.

Last year, I needed to have uniforms made for our helpers in the house. I needed plain ones and the ones with print so our baby will get excited to see her nanny because of the print (even if it will last for just a while). She’s at the stage where she looks at everything, even the prints on my clothes. I needed the ones that will fit our helpers well so that they’re comfortable performing their daily tasks.

Thanks to Home and Stitch! I got quality uniforms from them. I just told them the color and styles we prefer. They requested for 3 measurements (shoulder, waist, and bust) from each of our helpers and then that’s it!

We got them after several days and the fit of all the uniforms were perfect.


My baby loves the prints too. Of course pockets are a must for nannies so they can put stuff when they move around with the baby. I requested also those details from Home & Stitch. They were very professional. Paid my orders through over-the-counter bank deposit.

Home & Stitch sews made-to-order uniforms and other home needs like table napkins and placemats (I plan to have those made next 🙂 ).

There are so many costly uniforms out there but at the price of P400 each for the plain ones (take note, customized according to the style and details you want), you get your money’s worth.

Our helpers are important people in our daily lives. They also deserve good quality products so they can effectively and efficiently perform their responsibilities.


Home & Stitch

Feel free to contact them for inquiries and orders.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Homeandstitch/?ref=br_rs

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homeandstitch/

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