Peking Garden: The Good Chinese food choice

Had a quick weekend malling-lunch date as a couple and since it was the 77th birthday of our dear Daddy Lolo Jun, we decided to eat at his favorite restaurant and favorite cuisine- Peking Garden. Here’s one quick, straightforward restaurant review of it.


The restaurant where we usually go to is located at the 4th floor of Greenbelt 5 mall in Makati. I shall say this restaurant offers 5-star quality of Chinese food that you will not regret having.

The staff were all accommodating, alert, and friendly and has been so consistent. The ambiance of the restaurant is excellent that you sometimes forget that you’re in a regular mall. I give a 5-star rating also for cleanliness.

The food is a bit pricey and rates are higher than other fastfood Chinese restaurants but it’s worth the price for its quality. If you have kid or baby with you, the restaurant is spacious enough if you sit at the couch seats at the sides of the restaurant. Although it’s a bit noisy if you have a sleeping baby with you. They also have function rooms for small and big groups. The place can get really full on some days so best so reserve beforehand if you’re a big group.

Best orders of the day! Dim sum, birthday noodles, asado! 🙂

Wanton chips for appetizer
Of course, birthday noodles!
Asado. Soft and really tasty!

Always a good experience in this place with a very happy and satisfied belly after without MSG bloatedness 😁


Peking Garden

Know more about Peking Garden here: Peking Garden

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