Happy Weekends

Found wonderful illustrations from It’s The Happy Page in Facebook which describes my weekends exactly! 🙂

Happiness are weekends! Aside from quality time with our families and friends, they should be our time to relax, unwind, unplug, and just be.. Well, everyday should be quality time with our loved ones but weekends are the time to plan nothing but just stay home or plan activities with our loved ones.

Let go of your worries and problems, appreciate the little things, breathe in and out, and savor rest days. Not all have the privelege to spend their weekends resting or with their families. I thank God for every weekend and all small downtimes / rest times.

Parents don’t get as much rest days. But it’s up to them to love parenthood and treat them not as a burden but a happy responsibility. It’s a blessing and a gift. Don’t feel haggard and helpless. Your children (especially toddlers) are your happy tasks.


Feel the happy vibes everyday and spend the weekends wisely. May it be time with God, for yourself, or for others, weekends are little breaks from our usual routine and the time to gather new memories. Weekends need not be lavish but with the right mix of your happiness, it will make them looking forward to every week.

As for us, we spend our weekends at home, dining out, hearing mass, and visiting our families. The perfect mix of everything we need- family, love, and bonding.

So what am I really saying here? Sometimes, we need to stop and see how blessed we are to have weekends. However busy they can possibly be, they are the happy breaks to the busy life. Let’s enjoy things we sometimes forget to appreciate and enjoy the simplest and littlest things in life.

I mean it from my heart when I say it now, have a Happy weekend ! 🙂


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