Inspire: 2016 coffee planner

The hype of planners is not as intense as in the past years. The excitement of getting something useful for the rest of the year seemed so worth it for more than a dozen of expensive coffees in a month.

The festive season of Christmas helps in making people spend more for stuff. And the feeling you get when you claim that planner is like a little kid receiving lots of candies and toys for Christmas.

You see planners in the early part of the year. What happens to them after? Do we actually use them until the last day of the year? Well, for those who do, they are probably really diligent and organized people. For some who don’t, at least you tried right? 😉

This time this coffee shop we frequent partnered with Moleskine for their planners. There’s the regular sized and a smaller version. I never thought of having one this year but I saw that only 2 stickers were left for us to claim the planner. So why not right? I got the smaller version to fit into my bags easily. It’s simple and nice.






They still have coupons monthly

It’s definitely going to be a busy year for us. We’ll be having parties, me giving birth again, baptism of baby no. 2, moving to our own bigger home, and more milestones of our first born just to name a few.

I still prefer writing in notebooks for my stuff to do than a digital to do list in my mobile phone. Hopefully, I get to use this until the end of the year.

Happy planning for your year ahead!


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