Meet Baby no. 2

Yes, our baby no. 2 has a gender already. It’s a BOY! We are thankful and so happy that our baby’s healthy and our baby girl will soon be a big baby sister.


It’s going to be almost like raising twins since their gap is so close. Fun, exciting, and challenging times ahead for us.

Everything and everyday is a challenge but it’s up to us how to deal with it and react to it. Not everything is given on a silver platter. We all must work hard and sacrifice.

Our babies are our greatest blessings, we will do everything to give them a good life. We share our greatest blessings to everyone supporting and loving us everyday.


So excited to look at baby boy clothes. So I guess we have to set aside the dresses and pink clothes of our first born. Good thing we bought white newborn clothes so we can use it again for baby no. 2.

Baby no. 2 has a name already. We will reveal in the next weeks. Put a little suspense to it (hah! as if the gender wasn’t a suspense thing for everyone).

We lift everything up to the Almighty!



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