Lookie Cookies!

Having a sweet tooth is gift and a struggle! Yes a struggle to control your sweets intake for good health’s sake.

I can even skip main meals just to eat enough sweets everyday. Well, not now since I’m pregnant and still breastfeeding.

My current chocolate favorite is Galaxy smooth milk, crispy, caramel, and hazelnut. But all milk chocolates are my favorite!

I’ve eaten so many chocolates and sweets in my life but without bias, these cookies are REALLY GOOD. So good that I lost track on how many cookies I ate in an hour. My husband doesn’t eat too much cookies but this time, he literally ate it nonstop.


You can give it as a gift to your loved ones or simply give yourself a treat. You won’t regret it! Each cookie is generously filled with choco chips.


Each box contains 8 delicious mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies at P85 each box. Yes, they’re accepting orders. Place yours now!

Chloie’s Best Cookies


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