10th Month

She turned 10 months today! A wonderful welcome to 2016. She experienced the sand and beach for the first time. She has 7 teeth now, going 8. She now walks a lot (assisted). She attempts to sing when someone sings too.

She is at her friendly stage wherein she waves at people and cars passing by. She’s fascinated with lights and met Santa Clause and Frosty the Snowman who she loves so much.


Hi Chesca, you are now more aware of your surroundings. When you clap and show us how happy you are, we become more ecstatic and excited than you are. You look with so much curiosity at everyone and everything around you. You started saying “Pao Pao” your dad’s name and of course, Mumum (you learned that months back).

You start reacting in funny ways and seem to want to converse. You watch people talk and try to mimic them too. So adorable, so irresistible!

2 months to go and it’s your birthday.. time flies when everyday is a busy day for the family.

So what can you do next month my dear?


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