7th Month

Bath time has become a fun play time for my 7th month old! She is showing signs that she enjoys books and enjoys peek a boo play.

She started dropping her toys a lot and watches them as they drop. She become the curious smiling machine. She’s also trying to experiment with her facial expressions and new sounds. She starts to plank and crawl too. Go baby muscles! We have a strong baby right here.

Her tooth is coming out real soon. She had her first fever too. This was so challenging and stressful for mom and dad. Her first trip to the emergency room was traumatic for mom because they had to get blood to rule out dengue and Chesca cried a lot. Babies veins are not yet developed so the only way to get blood is through pricking her finger and squeezing the blood out to fill a case.


Our dear baby, we’ve gone through so much the past month but with God’s grace and our patience and prayers, you handled everything really well. You’re such a strong girl and we hope that you will be when you grow up.

Getting bigger by the month. Everyday is a surprise with you!


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