6th Month

Half year today and we’re just getting started on teethings, feedings, and more play time.

We made it to 6 months of pure breastfeeding too my love! Hoping for a healthy kiddo in this baby. She helped mom loose those extra weight fast. Good job!

We take time everyday fixing and preparing meals and freezing them in ice cubes to be heated the next day and ready for feeding. She now sits on her own longer and has new favorites. She still loves bath time since birth.

She’s starting to crawl but backwards. I guess that’s the start of it. She mumbles so many things and looks for mom and dad when other people carry her. Isn’t it to early for this? 🙂

FB_IMG_1452565930411Baby baby! We love you so much! So much smiles and laughters (of course crying at times) fill the home. Your cuteness is just amazing. I can’t believe you came from me. Getting bigger too huh? And your hair is starting to grow. Too many developments in just a month.

Today, we had pizza and pasta and cake for your 6th month family celebration.

Excited to see the next milestones and developments, our baby!


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