8th Month

Great eight! This month she started eating table food, her 2 bottom teeth are out, started her milk supplement so mommy can wean her to give way to her sibling. Yes, she will soon be a big sister already! We knew about this a couple of months back but it wasn’t time to announce yet.

She claps her hand, waves hi and bye. Het tantrums are starting uh oh.. she gets so impatient in the car. She seems to be ready to stand up too. She can pull herself up in her playpen.

This month was filled with milestones and she’s learning things so fast. She gets longer and bigger by the day.


To our dear Chesca, you are growing into a fine kid. Almost not an infant anymore. We are thankful for your jolly disposition everyday and you continue to give us so much inspiration. Now that you will become a big sister already (I’m sure you will a good one), you will forever be our first baby and we will all give the love and support to your sibling next year.

So much blessings, so much goodness, so much to be thankful for. All the challenges of everyday is outweighed by the developments and smiles of our baby and the thoughts of our new baby.


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