Valentine’s Day celebration ideas (that’s not a fancy dinner or big flower bouquet) and the Family

Two more days from Valentine’s day and have you been busy to even think about Feb 14? Don’t worry a lot of people experience the same thing especially those who have full busy days every single day.

You can make this day memorable and sweet in many ways without spending so much and make it more meaningful too. The LOVE celebrated during Valentine’s day is not just all about Romantic Love between couples. It’s also about Love between friends, families, special someone, child, and many others are celebrated during this special love day/ month. You don’t need a whole marching band to prove or show your love to your special loved ones, but simple and sincere acts of love will pass that message to your loved ones.

Here are some tips and ideas for those who would like some sweet, unique, and full of love celebrations of Valentine’s day. Some want to celebrate early, some later , but some still want the feel of celebrating on the day itself. But one thing’s for sure, it should be Valentine’s day everyday for the family.

But first, here some things you may want to know about Valentine’s day.

What is Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day was said to start with the Romans and it’s a day to celebrate love and affection and at the same time celebrating Saint Valentine’s feast day. St. Valentine is the patron of love and he spread the word of Christ to others despite arrest from the Roman leaders. He was said to be imprisoned because of the secret marriages he did between couples. It is not certain and little is really known about the history but up to this day February 14 is known to be a day of love, devotion, and romance.

Make it a family day to remember too! Here are simple and practical things you can do.

1. Dine at a new restaurant

The whole family can have a breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a place where no one in the family has gone to before. This will be a nice first-time experience as a family and definitely a nice additional to your memorable moments too. Pick a place that everyone will enjoy and a nice place that is family-friendly or kid-friendly (if you have small kids) to make everyone comfortable and for your dining experience to be a pleasantly memorable one.

If dining out is not an option, home delivery is also a good idea. Fixing your table and home for occasion is also a good and convenient way to celebrate it. Some prefer restaurant or hotel reservations, while others want to stay home. It will really depend on a couple’s or family’s preference and personalities.

You may try to dine in a hotel restaurant or a themed resutaurant for a change. Have fun looking for a new valentine adventure!

2. Give simple -and meaningful gifts

Gifts need not be expensive. A simple flower, homemade card, a sweet note, personalized service like cooking breakfast or any meal is a sweet gesture too, a simple extraordinary gesture will surely be appreciated and remembered by everyone.

A flower picked from the garden with a sweet note, breakfast in bed personally prepared and delivered, doing some tasks for your partner for more relaxation for him or her is a good gift too.

Small sweet candies and chocolates and red-colored small toys are nice gifts to small kids.

3. Explore and experience a new place together

Explore new places where no one in the family has ever been to like a new prk, shopping mall, watch a show, enjoy a quiet dessert or meal in a new unique place, day trip car ride outside the city.

There are new places now to see like The Dessert Museum , Art in Island, and many more.

4. Do something new with the family

Paint ball games, trampoline parks, visit a zoo, visit a museum, art exhibits, go to karaoke and enjoy a room to sing and dance together. Go to the salon as a family, ride bikes, swim together, or maybe shop together? The things you can do together are endless. It’s a matter of being creative and being adventurous.

5. Share your blessings

Valentine’s is not only about couple love. It’s about selfless love even to other people. This is a good day or event to give back and share your abundant blessings. Maybe share a meal with the less fortunate or give homeless families stuff you removed from your cabinet and homes (by this time, you better start applying KonMari to your life just like how many people have found happiness in doing it)

6. Watch a movie in the cinema

With the widespread apps for movies in our mobile phones like Netflix, iWant, iFlix, Fox, Disney Life, HOOQ, Popcornflix, HBO Go, Google Play, iTunes, and many more, watch a movie in the cinema for a change for a good bonding experience for the family. Support local movies too.

7. Play nice love songs at home

Keep the love vibe at home by playing nice love songs. Don’t play heartbreak music okay? Keep the home on a positive love vibe this week.

Here are nice Spotify love songs playlists you can check out. Enjoy!

click here for Playlist 1

click here for Playlist 2

click here for Love Ballads

click here for 90s love songs

click here for 80s love songs

click here for Timeless Love songs

click here for Couples In Love

click here for 00’s Love RNB

8. Make something together

Cook together, fix together, play board ganes together, have coffee together, or exercise together. Doing activities together creates a happy bond and stronger relationship, whether as a family or as a couple.

9. Heart heart heart

Design your home a little. It doesn’t have to be big time designing. Small hearts around the hime is enough too. Just to have another reason to be festive and keep everything nice and fun. Bake heart cookies, cook things that may be shaped like a heart to keep heart a visible symbol of the occasion.

I made small white hearts around the home. Just cut outs from a white paper and there you go. Simple, clean, but keeping up with the occasion. Also, keeping the lettergram board message align with Valentine’s theme adds to the Valentine’s day home effect.

We’ve always believed that life and its milestones are simple and meaningful and these are things we want to pass on to our children. The solemnity and meaning of an event is not measured by how much preparation, expenses, or how extravagant and loud the event is. It’s how each know how meaningful and special the day or season is. We focus on its meaning rather than the glitter and glamor of the events.

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