Life Happened

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote here but it doesn’t mean I don’t check and I don’t write. I still write but they end up in my drafts and also so much happened the past months. Even my social media accounts took a long break.

Thank you for those who read and wait. Thank you for those who ask too. Everything’s good and little by little my drafts will be published soon, one at a time 🙂

  • Been busy in the kitchen
  • Our eldest started going to nursery- with uniform, fixing her snacks, bringing her to school, and we’ve been active in our child’s preschool too
  • Doing an online work entails a lot of time
  • Dealing with yaya problems for the past months
  • Building a passion project
  • Dealing with everyday toddler tantrums (2 toddlers)
  • Everyday toddler care and home care
  • Self care – my back injury came back
  • And everything else !

More new and exciting things ahead for us. Can’t wait to share more tips to others too.

  • Yes, I can simply say Life Happened ❤️

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