How to Increase Your Breastmilk Supply

I’ve been getting a few questions on ways to increase the supply of milk for breastfeeding moms. Well, I’m no longer breastfeeding our youngest who’s turning 2 years soon but I can share with all the breastfeeding moms the effective aids and tricks I did before in my first and second breastfeeding journeys.

Although these are quite a handful, I used them not at the same time except of some of course. Don’t forget that water is important all the way okay? For the lactation aids, I used what I felt I wanted and needed. I can say sometimes lactation aids work along with our faith and belief that it will. If we believe it will, and then the more it will work for us. I stick to one lactation aid for a month and maybe combine two sometimes. The stress of producing so much doesn’t help Mommies although we cannot avoid but feel we’re not enough or producing much for our baby. It’s parts of the baby blues and physical changes we experience. It’s get better as days go by. Hugs to all the strong moms and supportive husbands and families!

1. H2O

Yes, water is aways effective to increase milk supply. Some doctors will even say that all breastfeeding moms need to increase the supply is just water. Drink 8-10 glasses or more if you can to increase the supply coupled with latching or pumping regularly. I did this and yes it’s effective.

Some choose juices and other forms of liquid but to be safe on allergens and all, I just drank a lot of water. Anyway after feeding or pumping I was always thirsty too.

2. Mother Nurture

I’m forever a coffee-lover and so I looked for a coffee that can I can drink while breastfeeding and at the same time increase my milk supply (if there is such a thing) and I finally found Mother Nurture. Order was easy and fast! I literally hoarded packs of the coffee and chocolate drinks and it worked wonders for me!

Click here for more about it

3. Malunggay (the real thing)

Tinola with malunggay, adobo with malunggay, and name it we always put malunggay in most of our food. For some reason, the real malunggay works for me and not the powdered form or other processed malunggay available. It’s not expensive to buy but we were able to get from actual plants in my parent’s neighborhood before. It was the freshest and finest malunggay. It doesn’t taste much anyway so it doesn’t mix with the food’s flavor.

4. Natalac capsules

This was prescribed to me by my doctor and took it for weeks and then I sometimes take it when I feel like I want a boost. Being a newbie to breastfeeding before, this was the first lactation aid I knew. You can buy this in drug stores nationwide.

5. Fenugreek capsules

I got mine from Healthy Options. It was also a reliable boost of supply.

6. Lactation cookies

There are so many bakers of lactation cookies today but one baker who baked for me was Crumbs and Grubs and really her cookies helped my supply and my sanity a lot. Her cookies were my happy pills through the tough and rough days of being a first time and second time mom. And they taste good too! I ordered boxes of them and I can say most of the time, the cookies were my go-to lactation aid to increase my milk supply. I miss eating them though. I want it even for desserts.

I even tried baking my own lactation treats and also my mom made some for me too. I shared the recipe and other tips here. Breastfeeding was a family-thing for us.

7. Mother’s Milk Tea

This is a tea that you buy in a box in Healthy Options. It was a good boost and a break from the usual lactation treats.

8. Latching and Pumping regularly

Of course these are the ones that will define your milk supply. It will tell your body how much milk it needs to produce over time. You have to have a schedule so your body will product the milk needed. Regardless if your baby will drink or not, you can pump, collect, and store milk on a schedule. Since I am a stay-at-home mom, I pump amd feed every 2 hours. It was a challenge for I felt I need to keep producing and keep up with the demand. Some moms do power pumiping more often like every 30mins and so the body really produce more and more milk since it feels the need to produce. Amazing how some moms get 8 ounces pero pump.

9. Supportive family and friends

This one really is something so precious to have. I’m so lucky my husband is so supportive that one time or maybe several, I was in pain and really don’t know what to do, he always cheered me on and remind me it will be me over soon (the pain) and that I could do it ! He got me anything for comfort and even bought a good nursing pillow for our baby’s and my comfort in our breastfeeding journey. My mom baked cookies and my brother and sister helps also in storing and labeling all my milk stash when we stay with them for several days. They even helped giving me eater as a I pump and washed my breadt pump parts. I needed as much support as I can and it really helped me.

Also, friends lent me their breast pumps. They were so supportive in motherhood and know how mothers need each other’s hand in this wonderful and challenging journey.

10. Enough food, quality rest, and a positive heart and mind

Positivity is key. Stay calm and rested. I cannot tell you to sleep for 6-8 hours because this may not be possible with an infant. But enough rest, short naps, and relaxation is good enough to keep the body functioning well and therefore produce what baby needs.

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