Things You Can Do at the Start of the Year

Most of us has a habit of making resolutions and promises at the beginning of the year. It’s just a nice way to start something new or end some things you want to get rid off. It’s a way to reset to conform to our dreams and ideals for ourselves and the family. But before we fulfil our goal to be that ideal person we want to be for the year, we start doing a lot of things in the first few weeks of the year right?


So here are some things you can start doing to fix your life and make it more organized to conform to life you want to have this year. These are practical things to do too.

  1. Remove clothes you don’t like and haven’t used in a long time because most likely you won’t use it this year. Fix the cabinet after. It will create more space for your regularly used clothes and the new ones you will be acquire this year.
  2. Remove shoes you did not or barely used last year. Because again, you will most likely not use it often or not at all for this year. Instead of keeping it stuck at home, other people in need may find it useful too. You are also helping remove clutter from your home.
  3. Start making a doable to-do list. I personally make one major to do list for each month since everyday to do list is just hard to to with two tots around and me being as hands on stay-at-home mom. I separate my to do list for the home and family, work, business, and my personal ones. This to do lists are somewhat my goals for the family too.
  4. Clean up! Clean your cabinets and home little by little. You’ll get the feeling of a good sense of accomplishment after you do it. Fix one cabinet at a time. You will also feel inspired to do good in all things because you seemed to have a organised life. Because your things at home and wherever you have stuff like school keeps you connected to it. Keeping it messy and dirty will not give you peace of mind. An unorganized home will yield unorganized minds and thoughts.
  5. Clean your email. Read and delete those things in your inbox, delete junk and determine what’s not junk. It feels good to be organized and updated.
  6. Clean your phone. Delete those apps you don’t use or are not of good use. Clean your messages, it takes up some soace in your phone too. Clean your photos. You’ll find not so useful stuff there for sure. You’ll be surpised how much space you can make.
  7. Reflect on the past year and get your learnings and look forward to a better and bigger year for you. Claim it!
  8. Fix all papers. Bank records, bills (remove and throw the ones that can be thrown away).
  9. Health is wealth as we all know so start exercising and eating better than last year. Get an annual physical check up if you’re not enployed in a company with that benefit.
  10. Check if your home is A-okay!  Check for roof leaks, faucet leaks, etc. To be ready for. a busy year and to stand changes in weather. Clean and repair appliances that are dirty and broken. Check smoke detectros if you have. It’s time to actually do serious spring cleaning.
  11. E-Clean. Clean your social media accounts for whatever you want removed or deleted. Maybe clean your ebooks too and other accounts like Spotify , Netflix etc. A regular cleaning of your e-life and accounts can keept everything clean and useful.
  12. Set realistic goals this year. You don’t need to announce it in public but keep it to yourself or tell a friend or family about it to feel the need to do it because it was “declared”.
  13. Beauty Kit. Check this and theow away expired ones and the ones you don’t like anymore. Again, other will find it useful.
  14. Start budgeting and expense tracking. It will help you control and identify fractions of your expenses and know where you spend so much and control if needed.
  15. See your friends more often. It’s a good feeling despite the hectic everyday life most of us have. Friends keep us happy and being in touch with them is nothing but priceless.
  16. Have a new look or just a haircut. Feeling neat , clean, and prepared everydaymakes you feel inspired to have a great day every day of the year.
  17. Remove bad habits and replace them with new productive ones. You know your vices and habits so don’t deny and do something about it.
  18. Have a retreat or a spiritual reflection. You can go to confession also or a retreat. It’s sucha. good way to start the year.

These little things can be life-changing and a way to improve the past year. It takes a lot to improve yourself but it’s going to start small. You don’t need to be famous or filthy rich to be called successful for this year. Simple joys and simple accomplishments are big leaps in making a memorable and fruitful year.

Life is all about perspective sometimes. Let us not wallow in materialism and succumbed to social media and peer pressure. Let not new advancements get the best of us.


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