Blender Sponge Basics

Every so often there are new products being introduced in the cosmetic world and blender sponges are one of them. I personally just use my fingers before when I apply makeup – foundation, contouring stick, or blush. Because sometimes you just want to try something new, I tried using a blender sponge just for an everyday natural look and here are some things I learned about blender sponges.

History Bites

Beauty Blender Sponges were introduced by Rea Ann Silva in 2007. She’s a Hollywood makeup artist.

What is the best shape for a blender sponge?

Personally, the original teardrop-shaped sponge is the best. It’s basic and gets the job done pretty well. The smaller tip side will help you reach the areas near the eyes, around the nose, and around the mouth. The larger end will help you fill in bigger areas of the face- cheeks, forehead, and chin.

What is the best size?

There are a lot of available sizes in the market today but I suggest for you to get the regular size- not too big and not too small. The smaller ones are used especially for the eyes and contouring. The regular ones available are 3-4 inches. Sometimes it’s also a personal preference. It’s best to pick a size that will enable you to see what you’re doing in the mirror while using the sponge.

Checking the texture and other details of your sponge

Make sure the sponge you’ll get is absorbent and soft. You will be using the sponge damped and after soaking in water. There should not be any visible holes in your sponge but you should be able to see the texture still. It should look smooth and feels soft too. It should easily absorb water and also easy to squeeze. It should be a gentle product since it’s for your face not for the dishes.

Proper Use

For first time users, making mistakes like putting the foundation on the sponge, applying in circular or scrubbing motion, or using it dry are common. This is how to properly use them for those who will be using it for the first time:

  1. Wet the sponge prior to use. Squeeze out excess water. It shouldn’t be dripping wet.
  2. Put foundation on your face and those contouring lines you would like to blend. Put them like dots or lines.
  3. Pat and making small or tiny rolls (sweep it back and forth on its sides) to blend the foundation. Do not spread in rubbing or circular motion. Do not rush. Enjoy and feel the blending motion.
  4. Roll under the eye areas to cover dark circles.
  5. If you want to lighten a blush or a thick foundation, use a dry blender sponge. They act as erasers too.

You may use a blender sponge for the following:

  • Applying foundation
  • For contouring
  • Spreading blush or cream blush
  • Spreading cream eye shadow
  • Erasing or removing excess makeup  product on your face

A Clean Sponge

  • To clean your sponge, you may use a makeup brush cleaner or use an antibacterial soap.
  • Rinse it with water and squeeze a few times until water is clear. You can rub the antibacterial soap around it. Squeeze a couple of times to remove the foundation and other chemicals in it.
  • Just air dry your sponge.
  • Replace your sponge every 3-4 months since bacteria grows in them (just like any other brush) even if you clean them.

Where to Buy

There are so many blender sponges available in department stores and cosmetic sellers online. There’s also in Sephora, Lazada, Beauty Bar, Beauty Blender (the original brand for blender sponges), BeautyMNL, Watsons, or Daiso. You have numerous options even when it comes to your budget. There are nice ones below 500 pesos too.

The Verdict


I love my beauty blender sponges!  I wish I tried this before and used it too. It blends everything even the blush evenly and everything looks so natural on my face. If I don’t use a sponge, I now notice how uneven everything is. I use it everyday and on special events too.

Of course Beauty Blender is the best brand  but for those who are on a strict budget, there are so many options that are equally nice too and gives the same effect. Just choose patiently.

Sharing a few videos I found online on the proper use of the blender sponges. Hope you find everything useful here.

Tips & Tricks 

How to Apply

On micro mini blender sponge

“Inner beauty is great. But a little mascara never hurt”

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