Pesto Chicken with cheese

Here’s another easy recipe for the busy people out there. This one’s simple and fast to cook. It’s best if you have leftover pesto pasta sauce so this recipe will be done quicker. I recently prepared dinner for my parents and siblings in our home and there were leftover pesto sauce and so I decided to give everyone in the home today a new twist on our regular broiled rosemary chicken. Try it too and feel like an expert cook!



  • half kilo of chicken (breast fillet or thigh fillet part)
  • pesto sauce (the ones we use in pesto pasta, you can buy a bottle of pesto sauce or make your own- it’s easy, you just need basil and olive oil)
  • cheese (mozzarella is the best for this but if you don’t have, use grated cheddar cheese instead)
  • cooking oil (enough to submerge half of the chicken in oil when you fry them)
  • salt and pepper


  1. Cut the chicken in the middle horizontally (like cutting a pandesal bread so don’t cut it all the way) since we will put the pesto and cheese somewhat inside the chicken
  2. Coat some salt and pepper on to the chicken (not too much for it will be very salty with cheese in it too)
  3. Using a teaspoon, put some pesto and cheese inside the chicken (just make sure it’s not too much since it might all spill over when you cook it)
  4. Heat the pan and put the cooking oil.
  5. Fry the stuffed chickens and turn when one side is cooked
  6. Share and enjoy!

*** If the pesto and cheese spilled out of the chicken, you can put cheese and pesto on top too when you’re done cooking just like what I did. 

“The secret ingredient is always passion and love”


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