9 months (Matteo)

Wow 9 months! Wonderful months with an infant who will soon be walking in a few months. A very calm boy and very happy too. It’s just teething gets in the way of his smiley days so we get a dose of a cranky little boy. His teeth came out a  bit late but they came out in batches so now he has 5 teeth out! Not a baby anymore! We started our brushing sessions already. Not as peaceful as what we usually imagine when we read books and articles but moments are truly memorable.

We have learned so much again the past months like how to manage two active (I really mean active okay?) kids. Muscles and our patience are indeed always tested. We get to keep our cool almost all the time. The big sister obviously can’t wait for his brother to play with him. She sings her nursery rhymes and wants to do all the actions with her brother. We always have to explain that her brother is still a baby.



Hello Matteo!

Happy 9 months little boy. You are such a breath of fresh air to us when we’re tired. You are starting to literally run after mom and make a gesture of your desire to be carried. Sometimes both you and your sister ask for mom at the same time and sometimes dad too.  The fun and adventures are just beginning for us. When I say adventures, it’s our everyday walk and stroll around the home and anything we do together. every simple moment with you is a memory and a wonderful feeling I treasure.

We are proud on how calm you are. We have no problems on your meals too. You even finish your sister’s leftovers. You’re showing many signs of wanting to be independent. You hate being carried and want to be comfortably seated. Soon you’ll be walking and maybe feeding yourself. Thank you for teething me and your dad so many things and how to be calm like you when needed.

You’re becoming active now and you’re really strong. May you channel your strength to the right and good things when you grow bigger and when you become a kid, teenager, and an adult. 3 more months to one year old! we are excited for another family milestone this 2017. I witnessed all your milestones big and small and I couldn’t be prouder. You are turning our to be smart too.

We love you much our strong boy! To more happy days and adventures!


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