Pets for kids: Fishes and Others

Our daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday a few days ago and one gift we gave her are pet fishes. It also best fits our home since we live in a condominium type of home. Aside from it being a nice decoration, it will give our home an element of life. Some have plants or even both. I’d love a small herb garden in our home too someday.

Here’s a list of pets you can also take care if you have a toddler in the house, aside from fishes. These are low-maintenance animsls :

  1. Hamster –  we tried breeding hamsters before since they multiply so fast! Warning: don’t put they cage in direct sunlight. They really can die because that.
  2. Guinea Pig – They look like rabbits or cat without the ears and just extra furry. Never tried having this for a pet
  3. Rabbit – warning : they cangrow really big and they scare me when they’re so big already!.
  4. Chick/s – we used to take care of the colored ones that are sold in the market and streets. We didn’t expect them to grow as full sized chickens! We called didn’t even give them names so we cslled them chicken 1 and chicken 2 hahaha!
  5. Birds – love birds are the easiest ones we took care of growing up.
  6. Turtle – we also took care of turtles before. It was just in a fish tank with a rock where turtles can climb. They are easy to take care. We miss feedings but they survived.

Yup, my family loves animals. We always have dogs around plus other pets. We had a cockatoo and different kinds of fishes, and even a duck.

Going back to our pet now, it looks complicated but anyone can setup a fish tank and it’s easy. Of course the bigger it is the more work and effort you need to put in fixing and maintaining it.

Having a fish tank in the Home

In Feng Shui lingo, having a fish tank in certain places in a home brings good luck – wealth and money. Also, science released some studies on the health benefits that fish tanks give when placed in the home.

  • Reduces stress – it is somehow a miniature sea/ ocean so it brings a calming effect along with the movement of the water and slow and graceful movements of the fishes and plants in it.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure – as mentioned, since it has a calming effect, people are more relaxed when they stare at the fish tank with or without fishes. It is said to even lower heart rate too. This is good for people with high blood pressure or easily get anxious.
  • Calms and makes you worry less – notice that some doctor’s clinics’  waiting areas have aquariums. This is to relax their patients who are waiting. A restaurant with an aquarium feels so relaxing even if there are lots of people in it.

In Feng Shui, fish tanks…

  • counter negative energy
  • activate and enhances money and career luck
  • are placed in the front of the home for enhanced money luck
  • should not be placed at the center of the home. It can cause sickness especially to the breadwinner of the home.
  • should not be placed in the bedroom or kitchen
  • should be placed in the southeast of the home NOT in the northeast
  • should ideally contain 9 goldfishes with one black to absorb the negative energy

Setting up the fish tank

Having a fish tank in the home is a commitment to continually care for the fishes. Here are the steps to set it up.

1. Choose what type of fish tank you want. There are aquariums now that have built in filter system and are enclosed. We have that type in our home. If you’ll choose a glass aquarium with separate filter system, best to go to pet shops and know the options.

2.In the pet shop you’ll go to pick your materials and designs for your fish tank’s landscape. This will determine how you want your fishes’ home to look like.

  • Sand
  • Stone and rocks
  • Plants – fresh water plants or plastic ones
  • Other structure and  decors you’d like to put
  • dechlorinator – tap water contains chlorine which can kill the fishes so the dechlorinator will be placed before your put the fishes (at least one hour before). There are several brands out there. Just ask for assistance in the pet shop you’ll go to
  • Net for catching fishes (medium size is okay unless you’ll put a big fish. You’ll use this when you need to remove the fishes for cleaning.

3. Setup your fish tank – Fix your landscape and fill with water. Test the filter.

4. Put the dechlorinator an hour or hours before you buy the fishes you’ll put in the fish tank.

5. Buy fishes and put inside the fish tank. Every week remove half of the water and fill it again with tap water. No need to put dechlorinator. Once a month, remove all the water and clean the fish tank. Put dechlorinator before you return the fishes (an hour before).

That’s it! No really, it’s easy. But if it’s your first time, you’ll do it carefully since you’re not sure if you’re doing the right thing. You’ll get the hang of it too. Luckily, I had an experience with fish tanks and fishes. We had a huge one at home since I was in Grade 1. I watched my dad clean and fix our tank since then.

And tada! here’s our first pet in our new home! We’re all excited and it really gives the home a relaxing vibe.


Having pets also in our home will also help us raise children who respect animals. Also, having pets can instill discipline, care, and a sense of responsibility in children.

No one’s too old for pets 🙂


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