7 & 8 months (Matteo)

Our dear boy is growing fast! It was just last month when he turned 7 and because of the holidays, I even forgot to document his milestones at 7 months so here it is! Oh what a breath of fresh air this boy is really! It’s going to be a whole different experience raising a son 🙂


Today, he is exactly 8 months and he is more and more aware of his surroundings. His love for food is quite stronger and more obvious now. Just like his big sister, Chesca, he hates baby food and prefers to eat rice and whatever we have on the table. Both of them never ate baby food and hates processed baby food too (we tried to add to the food choices, but then they hated them). At 8 months he eats anything with rice and crushed soft bread biscuits! He does planking a lot too and prefers to stand up often. Oh milestones! If I can only capture every single thing our children are doing! In 4 months time he’ll be 1 year old! Here’s our baby boy at 8 months.


As parents, we are also learning so much for the past months with 2 kids under 2! It’s not easy but it’s fun and really fulfilling! The children are now aware of each others presence in their lives. Our little girl keeps greeting and hugging her brother everyday. We just love how our little girl is also growing up with someone to take care and play with. Oh our children, so much joy everyday, so much cuteness too! 🙂 I can’t stop kissing, hugging, and then hugging more everyday!

We’re learning that eveyone is unique and so are babies.  No 2 babies are the same and so everyday is an adventure with them. Sometimes I still get overwhelmed by the blessing of having a bigger family. I thank God for giving me 2 wonderful happy, healthy, and smart  children. I simply ask for them to be god-fearing, simple, strong, healthy, and loving as they grow up.

The coming months will be more interesting and exciting for all of us. This year and the coming years. We love to see our children grow up together and having each other too.


To our dearest Matteo,

We love you little guy! You are so calm and happy. A baby with very good disposition too. You do funny things now and teething is hard we know. Hang in there and we’ll get through this hard phase too. We did it pretty well with your sister and for sure we’ll  do good to with you. We love how you get so excited to see mom, dad, or your Ate Chesca whenever we enter the room where you are. We love your noise and hunger cries (even though you seem full and just ate a lot). We have so much adventures ahead Matt. Your sister will turn 2 and you’ll have your fun birthday too soon. Just like your Ate’s birthday, it will be fun and simple for everyone and the kids.

Can’t wait for you to walk. Looks like you want to walk already everyday. You seem impatient to see the world too with your fussy sounds (could be teething too). Don’t  worry, your dad and I are just waiting for the right time for us to explore more places. For now, you guys are still babies. We will explore nearer places and teach you many things that you need to know. Just always listen to your sister sing, watch her dance, listen to her funny talks and speeches, and watch her learn more this year as she enters another phase in learning. You will learn from her everyday.

We love your smiles, giggles, and handsome face. Oh your face that I want to squish!

Next month will be busier and more new adventures for sure for you and everyone.

And always remember mom, dad, and of course your Ate Chesca’s here for you always and we can’t wait for our everyday and new adventures!

Love you baby!


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