PlayCare at Playworks

Do you know that there are also day care services in the Philippines where you can leave your while they enjoy playing and at the same time you have peace of mind that your child is being well taken cared of? Yes! Only a few are really good at it just like Playworks.

Our little toddler really enjoyed Playworks, as detailed in my previous feature. The school has a very unique way to make learning enjoyable through structured play. The day care program they offer will be most helpful for families who need help look after their child for several hours. They call it the PlayCare program. Families can arrange the details of their requirements and needs with Playworks branches namely their SM Aura Branch and Three Salcedo branch. Their expert staff and teachers will definitely take good care of your child.

What so nice about this program is that they will tailorfit the hours and needs of your child (depending on the availability of resources). Of course just like in any day care in other countries, parents will also need to follow guidelines too in order to help make the PlayCare program work. This is such a good news for those who have tight family schedules and if mom or dad needs to attend to something important for a couple of hours. You can also learn more about other toddler and nursery programs for your child at their branches.

Their teachers and staff are very friendly and will definitely address your concerns, if any. While you shop at SM Aura, you can leave your kid at Playworks- your child will definitely enjoy and learn while you do your stuff.

Here are the details:


PlayCare is also a way for your child to interact with other children their age, experience pretend toys for creative play, and play with learning toys.

Visit and like Playworks Facebook page here and be updated on their events, promos, services, and even workshops for yayas, moms, dads, and kids too. They have collaborations with famous family brands regularly so stay updated!

Let your kids play and let them be little. Let them make a mess and let them enjoy. Let them experience things amd let them explore.


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