How to be Wiser and Merrier this Christmas

Christmas rush and the whole stressful busy month can get the best of us. But if we put an extra effort, we can spend less and worry less but find more meaning on what the season truely is.

Here are some things that can help you be more wiser and practical this Christmas.You and your entire family will surely have a merrier Christmas too!

Buy from local and small businesses 

Visit and support local bazaars and buy from small and medium local businesses. We’re helping each other out this way to help achieve a progressive economy. Here’s my top bazaar picks for November and December 2016

Budget Plan 

Before you start buying. Create your Christmas list along with your budget for each person on the list so you can easily keep track of your budget and expenses. Just keep updating and following the budget all throughout the shopping period.

Start shopping little by little 

It would help to buy a few gifts as early as October to cross out a few in your Christmas list so you don’t have to panic buy and sometimes end up spending a lot more than budgeted. It’s still not too late to start now. If you are already panic buying and rushing to beat the Christmas gift opening day, relax. Visit midnight bazaars or go to the malls after office hours so that there are less people when you look around. Anyway mall closes late from November to January.

Set aside a day or two when you will buy all or most of the gifts

It also helps if you will set a a day or two for whole day shopping. It keeps you focused on the task and do not make unnecessary mistakes when you buy and you won’t feel that your Christmas is chaotically fun. When you focus more on something that you need to do, the results are better plus you feel happily accomplished after.

DIY wrappers and cards

Always store those extra Christmas cards and wrappers from the previous year and use them again the next year. That’s why always choose a beautiful classic, timeless- designed wrappers and cards because Christmas is timeless and a wonderful occasion.


DIY wrappers may be the use of painted newspapers, magazines, craft papers, bond papers, and other creative things you may think of. Your Christmas cards may be handwritten and handcrafted too.

Couple Gifts or Group Gifts

Couple gifts or group gifts sometimes are more practical to give like things for the home, car, or even a DIY gift basket of goodies (not necessarily food items). In addition to other gifts, we gave this per family 2 Christmases ago- a picture collage of the family in a picture frame capturing the hearts of our family members too.


If you want to make sure you’re gift will not be put to waste, you can ask what your friend or family needs and wants. It will keep you from buying generic and sometimes useless things.

Give useful gifts

There are lots of useful gifts you can give if you don’t know what to give to your friend, family, or colleague. Here are some samples:

  • food
  • gift certificates
  • dinner or getaway coupons you bought from Deal Grocer or Cash Cash Pinoy
  • bath and  body products
  • swiss army knife – a guy or girl can find this useful in their bags
  • nice sock from Happy Socks or the like
  • a nice blanket
  • mason jars
  • a nice tumbler
  • pouch 

Of course, aside from these, there are so much more you can give that are useful. Check and visit bazaars around Metro Manila.

Plan when to distribute

Plan when you’ll distribute the gifts – when to meet up with certain groups of friends. If you’ll deliver the gifts, plan your schedule or give the gifts when you see them. Visit them if you’re not spending Christmas with them. Just always be aware on the traffic situations on certain hours and days in the city so you don’t end up stressed, irritated, and tired. Remember, it’ Christmas 🙂

Cliche but true: It’s the thought that counts, not the value

Don’t be pressured by the price, value, and size of what you’ll give. It’s the thought of gift-giving and sharing when the 3 kings visited and gave gifts to Joseph and Mary on the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Christmas gifts in vintage style

Give Back

At the end of another year, it is always good to give back for a wonderful and blessed year we had. It doesn’t mean the year didn’t have ups and downs, but generally, everything is okay. Helping others and giving back through selfless service and charity works are wonderful ways to make others holiday season brighter.


30 days to go before Christmas!


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