Thanksgiving is not really something Filipinos celebrate but because some have friends and relatives in the US and Canada where it’s very much celebrated we some families prepare special meals and celebration for this day too and some businesses ride on to the black Friday sale that happens in the US where stores (online and in actual shops) go on big time sale and people really line up for it. Also, there are a lot of Americam companies in the Philippines that’s why some celebrate it too.

The history of Thanksgiving is long and rich and no one could identify when was the first thanksgiving really was but all they can provide are just guesses on where and when it was held December 1620. Thanksgiving is to celebrate gratitude and unity  for a bountiful harvest, year, and other blessings in our lives.

To be one with our American friends amd family (and since me and my husband have American great grandparents too), we toast and celebrate to these things we are thankful for this year:

Family and a new addition to our family 

Good health for me and whole family

Our Parents and Elders


New Friends, Experiences, and Opportunities

A New Home

Challenges and Learnings

These don’t need any other explanation. These blessings are all wonderful and beautiful in their own way.

We look forward to another year of new things and lovely memories.

What are you thankful for?


*Back to the black friday sale I’m waiting for 😉


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