Unboxed! The best of Smart Steps for kids

Smart Steps is a sure addition to our favorite things! It’s been a while since we added to our bucket of favorites since we make sure we add real favorites and not just something we got as a gift or freebie. How I wish I tried all their products when I had our first child a year ago but it’s not too late to use them since she’s still year old and need all the tender love and care we all give to our children.

Not everyone know this but Smart Steps is a brand from the Philippines and a sister brand of Cradle baby bottle and toy cleansers and Cycles laundry detergent and Beach Hut sunblock  products. The company was started by mothers headed by Emily – a cautious, protective, and loving mom (I’m sure moms can relate). The company have other partner brands and are also available in other countries (Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam) just like Smart Steps. I’ve aways admired companies driven by great passion and dedication for they grow in success giving quality products to the consumers. Also we should love and support our local businesses and products too.

Our 2 kids have eczema and unfortunately, we can’t just use our regular detergent yet on their clothes since the itchy patches of eczema appear every now and then and depending on the weather. So we get a special detergent for babies or an all-natural detergent for them- which can be really expensive too. We want our kids to be always safe from harsh chemicals and of course, be extra careful on the products we use for them. We don’t want to overdo being protective though and we want them to explore too. But while they are very sensitive and is fully dependent on us, we make sure we give and use quality products for them (but of course, not unreasonably priced).

So, without bias, I’m happy with Smart Steps‘s products. Know how our experience with their products turned out and a few mommy moves and tips I did.


Product 1: Baby Laundry Detergent Liquid & Product 2: Baby Laundry Detergent Powder

  • What is it for and how to use it: Use it to wash baby’s clothes.
  • Why we love it: It smells good and easy to use and it’s very mild. It doesn’t contain harsh chemical that can trigger our kids’ eczema. The clothes smell good throughout the day.
  • Mommy moves (tip): You may also use it to wash mommy and daddy’s clothes so when mommy or daddy carries the baby, he/ she won’t get irritated with some of the regular detergent’s strong chemical ingredients.

Product 3: Baby Fabric Softener

  • What is it for and how to use it: Use it to keep the kids’ clothes soft and easy to iron and smelling fresh and clean the whole day. Use it on the last rinse. Don’t apply directly on the clothes.
  • Why we love it: Again, like all Smart Steps products, it’s mild and free from the harmful chemicals that can cause allergies or irritations to our kids.
  • Mommy moves (tip): You may use it also on mommy and daddy’s clothes. Who doesn’t love having the scent of babies on them right?

Product 4: Baby Bottle Cleanser

  • What is it for and how to use it: Use this as soap to clean baby bottles, toys, and even vegetables and fruits. You just need 1-2 teaspoons of the cleanser in 5-10ml water and make sure you use a clean sponge too and rinse all items thoroughly.
  • Why we love it: It is hypoallergenic, made from all-natural ingredients that’s why it’s safe to use for those toys and stuff that baby put in his/ her mouth. It can remove even the tougher stains and grease. A little goes a long way so it can last longer than expected.
  • Mommy moves (tip): You can use it as your dishwashing soap too or hand soap.

 Product 5: Baby Laundry Detergent Bar

  • What is it for and how to use it: For washing baby’s (even adult’s) clothes. Simply use it like a regular laundry bar soap.
  • Why we love it: It smells so good and it’s handy- you can bring it in baby’s bag (since we can’t tell when accidents happen and when the need to wash clothes will be) without the worry of spilling liquid soap. It is mild but does the job of removing dirt and stains. It has no bleach, no dyes, and other harmful chemicals that may cause rashes or irritations. We love it because our kids’ skin are both sensitive and reacts to regular detergent.
  • Mommy moves (tip): When we bring the soap outside the house, mommy uses it to wash her hands if there are no soaps in the comfort rooms she goes to. Mommy uses it to wash even her clothes and Dad’s clothes.

Product 6: Anti-Mosquito Patch

  • What is it for and how to use it: To shoo away flies, mosquitos, or other insects from the baby/ toddler. Since it’s a  cutely-designed sticker, you simply need to stick it on the clothes of kids.
  • Why we love it: It comes in cute designs and easy to keep even in mom’s bag. It’s DEET-free so it’s safe even for small babies. It has citronella scent that’s not too strong but good enough to keep the mosquitos away.
  • Mommy moves (tip): The smell lasts long and if I want it to stay for the entire day, I put citronella oil on the patch to keep the scent strong throughout the night 🙂

Smart Steps products are reasonably priced and are available at:

  • Rustan’s Supermarket
  • Shopwise 
  • Robinson’s Supermarket 
  • Landmark 
  • Unimart 
  • Cash & Carry 
  • Alabang Supermarket 
  • Metro Gaisano
  • Metro Market Market 
  • Infanticipation 
  • NCCC Supermarket 
  • NCCC Department Store 
  • KCC Gensan
  • Waltermart

You may also get them online from their online partners too:

Lazada: bit.ly/SmartStepsInLazada
HonestBee: bit.ly/SmartStepsHonestBee
Shopee: http://bit.ly/SmartStepsinShopee

Hope you find good stuff to give moms, dads, and kids this Christmas. They’ll love it for sure! 🙂

“When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.”-  Sophia Loren



Know more about them and visit their site here

Follow their Instagram here

Follow their Twitter too here

***Thanks again our Smart Steps family for your thoughtfulness and love!

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