Open for every”body”: Yoga Plus Express Legazpi Makati

I always believed that Yoga is something I can easily do back when I wasn’t a mom yet.  I honestly thought it was as easy as stretching, that you have to be skinny and a female to do yoga. Also, I always thought Yoga is an expensive and time-consuming way to get fit and healthy. Just found out that they’re all myths! There’s actually more to yoga than what we know of.

Yoga Plus Express Legazpi Makati officially opened its doors last November 9, 2016. It was a very meaningful opening evening for this wellness place. It was a great experience plus it was something new to break my exhausting days at home. I learned that yoga is part of deeper ideology that Hindus believed in.

A few shots from the opening day.

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What is Yoga? 

Yoga dates back to ancient times of India over 5,000 years ago when it was seen as a sacred/ spiritual ritual as part of Hinduism. Then Yoga changed through time and was seen as a path to enlightenment. Moving on through time, the physical and spiritual connection of yoga was discovered. Through time, yoga gained a lot of followers from the different places we go to and later on became a form of exercise to get fit and thin.

Doing Yoga involves these breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures.

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

There are just so many known benefits of yoga. But to a newbie like me, I want to understand the benefits I can get now that I am a mom of 2 under 2 years old, a hands on full-time housewife and mom. The days don’t get relaxing (but of course more rewarding) for me as the two babies grow up and enter into toddler age. Here are the benefits of Yoga to a person’s everyday life:

  1. You’ll be able to master your body more– You’ll know what you can do and what you cannot and you’ll master your physical strengths and weaknesses
  2. Improves your balance
  3. As a form of meditation, it keeps your mind and body relaxed and rejuvenated from all the noise and busy days in the city
  4. Improves posture which can help us do our activities more efficiently and effectively
  5. Physical and mental discipline and control are two things you will be reminded of what you practice Yoga.
  6. Helps increase endurance and energy levels
  7. If you eat healthy and properly, Yoga can help you loose all the unwanted pounds
  8. It can make you calmer with the knowledge on proper breathing and relaxation. You will become calmer moms, dads, and workers that could yield better results. A relaxed mind may give you amazing results like a better relationship with your loved ones and better mood the entire day.
  9. Helps one to focus better. We all need this everyday!
  10. Improves and boost your immune system to fight those viruses roaming round

There’s actually so much more, check them out here and you’ll get amazed: click here

Who doesn’t like to get all the benefits of Yoga mentioned above? Of course we all do! I can’t wait to actually try all the yoga classes in Yoga Plus Express!

What is Yoga Plus Express (Legazpi St. Makati City)?

Yoga Plus Express is yoga for less (in terms of cost) but it’s just the same yoga another yoga places. Express because there are 60-minute quick classes you can join even if you have a busy day. Their classes are for beginners and those who never tried yoga. Here’s a little more about the classes you and I can take click here and you can view the schedules here

The membership packages are way more affordable as compared to others! Click here for details on the packages. For those who have gym membership already, you can add yoga to your lifestyle too so best to get Yoga Plus Express so your classes will be just 60 minutes fast so you can attend to other things you need to do.

What do you need for the classes?

Yoga is not only for skinny people. It is actually for all kinds of body types (every BODY) and you don’t need to buy all those Yoga outfits out there. These are all the stuff you need when you visit:

  1. Yoga mat – you dont need to buy because you have an option to rent there too with minimal cost
  2. Water bottle – they have free water there so you can just bring your bottle
  3. Towel – for a quick shower after the yoga class. The place has shower rooms and lockers too.
  4. Comfortable yoga attire – clothes that you can move around and be flexible while wearing it. Not too loose that you need to adjust them when you make certain moves and positions and not too tight that you can’t bend because they might rip or move up. You may wear a sweat pants or a soft cotton pants, a simple shirt or top with support. Eventually, you may invest in sporty yoga attires you see in sports shops and they also have some attires available in their branch.
  5. Yourself – your whole mind and body and full attention
  6. Membership package– to use the facilities and for the classes

Take note, yoga is not just for women, it’s also for men. The benefits are endless for both men and women alike. It’s for the thin, skinny, muscular, fit, chubby, and obese.

Yoga is “Balancing, Breathing, and Believing”



Sharing the details of Yoga Plus Express Legazpi Village Makati branch. Book a class now. They’re ready to welcome you!

119 Dela Rosa Street, Legazpi Village,
6/F Jose Cojuangco & Sons Bldg.,1223 Makati, Philippines.

Landline number:  +63-2-86YOGA+

Mobile number: +63-919-999-5108


Follow their Instagram account : click here

Like their Facebook page: click here

*** Photos by Yoga Plus Express Legazpi & Lace Llanora-Coladilla

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