Millenials & Parents: Commonly used acronyms & terms

Kids today or as they call it now, Millenials, have their own language and reality is that parents need to keep up with those too. With the increasing demands of society (especially if you live in the city) and with kids and teens surrounded by many influencers around, parents have that timeless responsibility to guard and guide their children toward the right path. To do this responsibility, a small thing parents need to do is to keep themselves abreast of the new generation lingo and acronyms. There are just too many but the usual stuff I encounter are here. What’s actually more confusing is that some have multiple meanings.


  1. Bae – Babe or baby.Used as a term of endearment not to address an infant. It can also mean before anyone else.
  2. Zero Chill – means you’re very uncool, baduy as what Filipinos call it
  3. Snatched – may be interchanged with on point or on fleek. Describes something really good, perfect, high quality.
  4. Can’t even – loss for words, annoyed
  5. Goals – something or someone you admire or want
  6. Fam – shortcut for family
  7. Fambam – refers to close family or friends that are like family
  8. High-key or Low-key – high-key is when you need to express something out loud or may refer to something you like. Low-key is to keep it on a low or secret or something you dislike.
  9. BFF – Best friends forever
  10. Sorry not sorry – fake apologies, sorry but not really
  11. ATM – At the moment or at this moment
  12. BTS – Be there soon or behind the scenes
  13. FBF – Flashback Friday
  14. Facepalm – expressing disappointment, disbelief, shame, or frustration
  15. LMK – Let me know
  16. TBH – to be honest
  17. TYVM – thank you very much
  18. FTW – for the win
  19. POTD – photo of the day
  20. LOL – laugh/ing out loud
  21. JGH – Just got home
  22. No filter – on its natural state, no filter or effect used to enhance a photo or something
  23. Noob – new or inexperienced person
  24. TTYL – talk to you later
  25. TIA – thanks in advance
  26. NTS – note to self
  27. OOTD – outfit of the day
  28. OOTN – outfit of the night
  29. Selfeet – photo of your feet taken by yourself
  30. YW – You’re welcome
  31. TMI – too much information
  32. Groupfie – group selfie, group of people taking photos of themselves as a group
  33. ICYMI – in case you missed it
  34. b4 – before
  35. b/c – because
  36. BTW – by the way
  37. IDK -I don’t know
  38. CR8– create
  39. TL;DR – too long, didn’t read
  40. TBT – throwback Thursday
  41. Yaaaaas – saying yes to express excitement
  42. hashtag – it is now written like this to emphasize something instead of #
  43. ship – shortcut for relationship usually for romantic relationships
  44. FR – for real
  45. lit – groovy, cool
  46. IKR – I know right?
  47. TTYTT – to tell you the truth
  48. Dope – not marijuana! it means great
  49. NM – never mind
  50. Feels – feelings
  51. YOLO – you only live once
  52. IDC – I don’t care
  53. JK – just kidding
  54. THX – thanks
  55. ILY – I love you
  56. FOMO – fear of  missing out
  57. SMH – shaking my head
  58. IRL – in real life
  59. Perf – perfect
  60. V – very
  61. the struggle is real – tough or hard task / challenge or problem
  62. JOMO – Joy of missing out, to pertain to a lame event or happening
  63. Phubbing – from phone snubbing – when you snob someone while using your mobile phone or any mobile device

This is not all of it and this is not the end of the list. It grows every week, every month, every year. It never ends and never stops. The generations just keep on getting too creative and probably lazy to type? Agree? hahaha!

Of course, some people from older generations don’t get it. It becomes harder to decode and harder to understand. But that’s how the generations make their language unique and hard for elders to grasp I guess? Or maybe it just really puts excitement, coolness, and emotions into their language online and offline. By the time our kids are teenagers, this list will be so old, funny old to be exact or shall I say zero chill!


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