Simple New Things

Aren’t new things exciting? A new home, new car, new adventure, new vacation, new work, new friends, new clothes, new shoes, new watch, new acquaintances, new gadget, new baby, new book, new bag, new makeup, new experience, and many others. Anything new connotes freshness, first time you’ll have, see, or experience, or new beginning.

We recently have a new member of the family and we’re savoring each newborn moment now. New things happening to our little girl who is growing up “cutefully” everyday. She’s a funny girl and brightens up our every day. There’s also a new adventure for my husband, new home for us this year, new learnings as couples and as parents too. We really learn new things everyday with 2 kids in our lives. Our kids are also learning and doing new skills every now and then. For these and more, we are indeed very thankful for the all blessings.

Sometimes we don’t see it but new things are present everyday but we’re too busy to even notice them. Simple things like a new conversation with someone new, new work opportunity, new learnings, new realizations, or a new day are all equally important and new things need not be things but usually the intangible is what matters most.

And also there are new stuff here in my blog. More new adventures for me and the whole family as this new chapter of our life unfolds day by day.

  • Read up on what’s new – click here– in the blog
  • The new logo – It stands for the name of my blog and my name too, pretty cool huh? (The little things 😉 )Logo-Icon-Colored
  • To keep my bases covered, I updated my Disclosure and Privacy Policies to more formal ones. But pretty much mean the same as the old ones. So now we’re promo & contests ready (when there’s a good opportunity to do these). So keep checking (hint, hint!)
  • Tina’s Picks is now Our Favorite Things since it’s not just me who love the stuff I feature here but also our whole family.
  • There will be new things every month as I go into the adventures of my life. Feel free to read on.

Why are new things are good for us? 

Because new things break the monotony of our every lives and keep our mind and body excited and challenged. When we get the habit of trying or having new things, we become more open to changes and new possibilities around us. 

Have a great weekend!


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