One super easy, quick snack: Cinnamon Butter Toast

I have no time to cook for now unlike before since it takes some physical endurance to take care of 2 kids 24/7 – a toddler and a newborn. Of course I get help from my husband and our little girl’s nanny (when my husband’s at work). Thank goodness our cook / helper cooks delicious pinoy and even international dishes!

Funny how everyday seems to be a routine yet are still very diffrent. I’m quite amazed how I’m so full of energy despite having no good sleep for almost 2 years now and especially with the birth of our second baby. Well, I think kids just give me so much joy and all my tiredness are gone when I see them healthy, learning well, and happy. Everything I do is timing now since I’m breastfeeding again, tidying the home, fixing the kids, trying to store breastmilk for the baby, etc. My baths and meals require skill and time management (coincidental timing) which varies everyday depending on how the kids are (if they’re calm or sleeping). Anecdotes of my everyday life is just so different, fun, and somewhat funny 🙂

So I need quick bites every now and then to have enough energy of taking care of the kids and breastfeeding. So here’s one snack I can prepare and eat fast while the kids are in their deep afternoon naps. You can do this too at home or in the office to survive those busy calendars and loads to tasks!

Left: With cinnamon |  Right: without cinnamon


  • regular tasty bread / bread slices
  • white sugar (depends how much bread you’ll be toasting)
  • cinammon (depends how much cinnamon flavor you want, you may choose to remove this too)
  • butter (any butter of your preference)
  • Oven toaster


  1. Spread butter on top of the bread (you can spread on both sides or just one side)
  2. Mix the sugar and cinnamon together. Then sprinkle onto the bread with butter.
  3. Toast for 3-5 minutes
  4. Serve and enjoy! 🙂

Told you that was easy and fast!

“Work hard, snack often.”

Collage 2016-04-08 06_09_24-1

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