1st Month (Matteo)

Our little man’s a month old now! I can’t believe I’m back to writing about our month old kid again. I started writing about our little girl’s monthly milestones when she was born and I will be doing this to all our kids. Something we will enjoy reading as a family in time and perhaps a lot of moms can relate or learn from all our experiences too.


Our little Matteo is generally a very calm baby. He rarely cries during this first month. Sometimes he’s just sleeping while we play with our little girl. It could also be because we’ve done this newborn care just last year and we are more confident now in everything we’re doing as a parent for Matteo. Anyway newborn baby does a lot of sleeping, eating, burping, and pooping. Sounds easy right? But first time parents won’t agree I guess unless they have a doula to someone to help with everything 😉

This time the experience is very different with a toddler around. Before, the days were so long for me but now the month was so fast since we’re also busy playing and learning with our 1 year old little girl. I now get to enjoy more and appreciate the newborn phase. I love it!

I can’t believe I was so intense and tensed with our first baby that I was so tired of not even putting her down while she was sleeping. I was so clingy as a new mom and very protective. I wanted to carry our baby 24/7. I cannot do that now of course and I’d like to keep everything more calm because I need energy for our super active toddler who is in her curios and learning stage.

We are very blessed the past month. Aside from the safe delivery I had, I healed faster than the first time. Labor was longer but I don’t really mind. Childbirth is nothing but a miracle of life. More about my 2nd birthing experience here. I have a new bedmate and my husband has a new bedmate too. I sleep with our newborn while my husband sleeps beside our girl.

This month too, our plans to move to a new place is taking a more concrete shape. (So expect more posts about the home and style) Our family’s on to a new adventure again soon and many more to come.

I pray everyday that our baby boy will be as healthy as our little girl and that he will grow up to be God-fearing, selfless, and loving. I sometimes worry about so many things for my children but as what my younger aunt said, we’ll do fine as parents and just believe. She’s right, all we need to do is be a good example and they will follow.

our one month boy!


Hi Matt! Welcome to the world and to our family! You’re so tiny yet I see you grow so fast this month- you gained weight so fast and you’re growing taller. I usually don’t notice it with the people I’m with daily but I saw how you had growth spurts! Easy on the eating, mom’s energy gets drained from breastfeeding 😉

You make us laugh at your noisy grunts and moans as you stretch while you’re asleep. We always watch you sleep and wonder who you look like. But I can see my features on you more this month (but let’s wait and see 🙂 ). It doesn’t really matter who you look like but it was just fun to wonder and guess. You’ll always be handsome and have your own features and personality!

We can’t wait to have more adventures with you, play sports with Dada, protect mom and your Ate Chesca, travel, and play and laugh with us.

Take it easy Matt, don’t rush to grow up. We are savoring each day with you as a newborn and you have no choice – you’re stuck with mom and Ate at home everyday for now and in the coming years. hahaha! Our next months will be exciting because of you!

We love you so much our dear Matteo. God and your guardian angels will always be with you. Your Ate will teach you how to pray soon 🙂



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