Making Memories: Growth Charts

We will all be young and tiny for a short period of time and we love to see memories of our childhood like a photo, a letter you made for Santa or for your parents, or hair from your first haircut.

I try to document memories as much as I can without taking up too much space since they may end up eating up home space and sometimes end up being thrown away. Another memory maker I started recently are the kids’ growth charts- tracks the height of each of our kids at certain periods of time.

It’s really not hard to do for small children if it’s difficult for them to stand up or stay put. Since our pediatrician is diligent in filling up all observations and details about our kids, I have a good record of our kids’ weight and height since birth. I marked them in our growth chart.

Our kids’ growth chart at home

Tracking the height and weight of your children is not just for memory’s sake but it’s a way to monitor if they’re growing well and fall in the right percentiles of the standard weight and height. Here’s a link to those charts – click here 

Our girl stands at 2.62 feet now. She’s quite tall for her age while our boy is obviously still growing at 3 weeks but I think he will be taller than his sister (mom’s predictions haha!).

You may just also choose your own wall in the home where you’d like to mark the kids’ heights (and measure after) and no need to purchase anything for the charts. Soon they’ll enjoy looking at how tall they’ve grown from birth. Trust me, they’ll love it. I’d like to see how tall I was when I was in first grade too and other details of my childhood that I don’t clearly remember 🙂

There are other cute wall sticker growth charts too that you can buy online or in Instagram. Here are some:

More memory makers posts soon!

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