Not Just Your Ordinary COOKIES

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I started my 2nd breastfeeding journey with my youngest kid Matt. Not so long ago, I was breastfeeding our eldest and I was able to give her pure breast milk until she was 7 months. I had to stop because of my 2nd pregnancy. Nevertheless, our eldest is so so healthy and so energetic that we really don’t know where she’s getting all the energy for the day (and they said boys are even more energetic and I guess I’ll be back in shape in no time! haha!).

For the moms who cannot breastfeed and chose not to breastfeed, that’s perfectly fine. Moms have their own decisions and preferences. It doesn’t make any of the moms less of a mom if they do not breastfeed. All moms are supermoms in their own special and unique ways 🙂

After more than 2 weeks of getting just the extra milk, I am so happy with my stash. I learned so much from my forst experience that this time, I don’t want any liquid gold milk wasted. Every drop is just so precious. The campaigns to give babies breast milk are louder today than back in the day. Although it is not as easy as it looks like on the advertisements, it still is the best milk for babies.

Lactation aids help make breastfeeding easier for moms. They help increase milk production and help moms have that confidence that they can produce more and they will!

Extra milk stash for the first 2 weeks of our baby

I tried almost all lactation aids last before and I just had a few ones that proved to be effective. One of them are these delicious, organic, and healthy cookies from Crumbs and Grubs. They have been baking for me since my eldest was just a month old and they never fail to deliver delicious cookies. You won’t even taste any of the milk-boosting ingredients they add. They are very generous on their ingredients too. They don’t put any preservatives or additives and makes sure that what they deliver to you are always freshly baked. They also have brownies!

These cookies are not just for the breastfeeding ladies out there, you can even give them to your toddlers or for anybody who would like to have a healthy sweet treat. Now I’m giving my little girl some too and she loves it! Crumbs and Grubs is the only vegan, sugar-free, and organic lactation cookie baker in the Philippines since 2011. The cookies are crispy on the outside, chewy and moist on the inside! 🙂

Other flavors (aside from Almond) include: Classic Oats, Chocolate Chip, Mixed Berries, Walnut

For the breastfeeding moms out there in the Philippines, join Crumbs and Grubs June giveaway promo! Win 1 week supply of lactation cookies!

Follow and check the details in Instagram here and Facebook here 🙂

I love products made by passionate people and do not just aim to sell. Crumbs and Grubs definitely has deep love and concern for babies and moms!


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