FREE DOUGHNUTS from SM Supermalls & Krispy Kreme!

Hey guys! Want FREE doughnuts? Of course who doesn’t right? My personal doughnut and coffee place favorite has something in store for the doughnut lovers out there!


You can be one of the 100 daily winners of free 3 doughnuts from SM Supermalls and Krispy Kreme. I’ve been working on so many promos from my previous corporate jobs and I can say this one’s really easy to join.

The Download and Win promo is in line with SM’s 30th anniversary where they started giving away prizes since March this year. They already gave away a lot of prizes and still they continue to reward shoppers with free doughnuts from April 30, 2016 to June 30, 2016.

Get that digital scratch card now and check if you won! Working in the digital industry for almost 10 years, I can personally say this is a digital breakthough in scratch card promos. Try and get a feel of it 🙂 The promos and scratch card experience is ever evolving and SM is becoming a pioneer for these digital transformation in retail.


Joining can’t get any simplehan this:

  1. Download the SM Supermalls mobile app for free in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

  2. Sign up

  3. The digital scratch card will appear! Check it daily to know if you won.

It’s really that easy 🙂

The SM Supermalls Mobile App will not only be useful for the promo but it will help when you go shopping or plan to visit SM Malls. The App will keep you updated on new stores, promos and discounts, services, movies, and events on all SM Malls in the country. The App can serve as your directory of all the shops and branches of SM Supermalls too.

Aside from the App, SM also has social media accounts you can follow Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, and even Snapchat. Knowing what’s happening in SM Supermalls are now at your fingertips.

I must say this one’s a really good treat! 🙂 Happy Hump Day!

Collage 2016-04-08 06_09_24-1

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