Choosing the Right Shoes for Kids

There’s really no accurate exact science in choosing shoes but details and guidelines may help lessen the stress and mistakes we sometimes make. The first steps of your child signals the start of exploring the world around him/ her. It means they need those right shoes as they wander and know the world around them. A great milestone that needs parents’ guidance and expertise.

Choosing shoes for your kids are tricky. You tend to buy the ones that are in style and looks good over comfort. I personally fell prey to those cute and adorable shoes that don’t give the right support and aid for my child. They ended up unused but we donated them since other people may also find them useful and might suit their child more.

Avoid the mistakes I made, pick the right one, and may these be some of your guide:


Avoid buying shoes online

When you buy online, your child cannot fit and the shoes on. Yes,they have measurements but actual fit and feel is more reliable than virtual descriptions. Better safe than sorry. When you’re sure about the shoes, then that’s the time it’s safe to buy them online.

Fit the shoes

It’s always more accurate to make your children fit the shoes you want to buy and let them walk with it so you’ll know if they’re comfortable with them while they run and walk. You will know how big or small it is for them or how soft or hard it is on them. Some shoes work for some kids, some don’t. Let them wear it for a couple of minutes not just for a few steps.

Bendable soles and no need for break ins

Break ins do not apply to kid’s shoes. Don’t let them suffer for the comfort you eventually expect to get from wear and tear or repetitive use. The soles of their shoes should be bendable to closely mimic barefoot walking so they don’t fall off or get their little feet injured. Soft soles will help their walking abilities develop more so their little feet can feel the floor more and learn how to balance well.


Buy in the afternoon

Just like when adults like us buy shoes, it’s best to buy in the afternoon. This is because our feet tends to swell in the afternoon because of our weight (whether you’re thin or chubby). So it is said that our real shoe size is the measurement we get in the afternoon or night.

Choose the lightweight, flexible, and breathable material 

For new walkers, let’s help them lessen all the factors that may lead to accidents like a heavy, hard, or uncomfortable shoes or sandals. If you buy plastic shoes, this may be slippery for sweaty little feet and they might end up tripping.

Allow room for the little toes to wiggle and spread as they find their balance while walking. Best to buy leather or cloth shoes. Children don’t need special shoe features like arch support yet. The arch of their feet will develop later on in their toddler years.

Mind the size but not too oversized

Since parents want value for their money, the tendency is to buy shoes that are way bigger for the child. This is also dangerous since making the child wear big shoes does not allow him/ her to find her balance easily with an oversized shoe. Give enough allowance for feet growth – like half an inch. An inch maybe a bit of a stretch already. Just fit the shoe and check how the child walks with the allowance you want.

Remember, they’re for protection

Sometimes buying shoes for kids becomes a fashion statement more than a protection for the child who is ready to explore the world. Instead of buying cute, fashionable boots with intricate designs and bells on it 😉 or with heels, remember to buy shoes that will protect the child from slippery or dirty floors. Avoid strappy shoes too, they look cute but they might cause accidents too. They will eventually grow up and have their own fashion sense anyway.. do not rush them okay?

It doesn’t mean expensive

Buying expensive shoes does not automatically translate to being the best shoes. The key here is to make the child fit the shoes and walk on them. Every child is different and so are their feet and the way they learn how to walk. Some children may find some shoes comfortable while some don’t.

Check feet size regularly

Check your child’s shoes size every month to make sure his/ her shoes still fit well. Children could possibly have growth spurts every now and then. When that happens, you usually need a new pair. If their toes are already rubbing up against the front of the shoe, then it’s time to buy a new one.


Here are our top picks we can recommend. Our little girl enjoys them all- walks and runs with them. They’re like little grown up shoes too- Stylish, comfy, it protects. Such great value for money!


1 – Sandals from Old Navy – perfect for home use, swimming use, casual attire. They have designs for boys too.

Facebook: click here

Instagram: click here

2 – Adidas Akwah 9 sandals – easy to clean, easy to put on, light weight. Other colors available. Any Adidas store nationwide. You may call them for stock inquiries too first.

3 – Stride Rite – love all their shoes! So easy to wear and easy to clean! They have so many options too.

Facebook: click here

Branches: click here

Instagram: click here

4 – Fisher Price  – they have nice dress shoes. Some are heavy but there are lots of lightweight too. We buy Fisher Price shoes in Big & Small Co. in Greenbelt 5. There are available shoes in Baby and Company shops and Babyland.

5 – baby doll shoes by Old Navy 


“Walk along side me, Mama

and hold my little hand.

I have so many things to learn

that I don’t yet understand.


Teach me things to keep me safe

from the dangers everyday.

Show me how to do my best

at home, at school, at play.


Every child needs a gentle hand

to guide them as they grow.

So walk along side me, mama

we have a long way to go.”


Enjoy walking and running! 🙂

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