Churros Surprise!

And so again another craving today – Churros! Didn’t care what brand of churros it is but I just wanted something sweet but not pure chocolate. My love affair with churros started back when I was in elementary when I used to hang out in a mall where there’s a Dulcinea restaurant that serves really good churros. Until now they still do and it’s still as good !

Today, I saw this pancake mix lying around for quite some time in the kitchen but we were eating pancakes for breakfast and snacks lately that we just don’t want pancakes any time soon. So I thought this mix would be perfect for churros. And so it was! 🙂

Here’s the very simple recipe:



  • 2 cups pancake mix (any brand will do)
  • 2 cups of water
  • 4-6 tablespoons of butter
  • 2-3 tablespoons of sugar
  • cooking oil for frying

for the cinnamon sugar coating, mix these together

  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 3-4 heaping teaspoons of cinnamon powder/ cinnamon ground


1. Mix and boil the water and butter together.

2. Add the pancake mix and sugar, mix well under it become like a dough.

3. Heat the frying pot and oil.

4. Deep fry the churros.

*** Use a pipping bag when you drop it in for churros strips. But since I couldn’t find a pipping bag around, I molded the dough mixture into small finger like strips, bite-size.

*** You may also bake the churros for the healthier way to cook it.

5. When they’re light to medium brown already, remove the churros and let the excess oil drip.

6. Coat it with the cinnamon sugar coating.

7. Share and Enjoy! 🙂


It tastes really good for such a simple and quick snack! Didn’t have time to make the chocolate dipping sauce but you can still make that too. Simple melt 3 1/2 ounces milk chocolate and 1/2 cup heavy cream together.

Cravings satisfied! 🙂 Happy mommy, happy tummy, and happy baby!

“Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.”

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