This Week’s Good Buys for Young Kids

Parents are always on the lookout on what they can buy or give their children for learning, care, and development. Always the best for the family.

Got a few nice products to share for your kiddos (my honest short review and opinion on the products). Because when you’re a mom, an aunt, or a grandma, you don’t only shop for yourself but for the family too. Enjoy! 🙂



1. The Baby Keepsake baby book and planner

It’s a very comprehensive baby book from before birth to 5 years old. It covers even before birth because you can list all your stuff to buy for the nursery and for baby so it’s like a planner too. There’s a section for all memorable moments and medical records and doctor’s appointment too. I used this exact baby book for our first born which was a gift to us and I’m using an exact same one for our 2nd child.

From Fully Booked, Price Php1,200+

2. Organic Brown Rice rings (cheese flavor)

A healthy snack for your toddlers. Our baby enjoyed snacking it and it’s so good that I ate a lot too! 🙂 I didn’t expect it to be so flavorful.

From Parenting Emporium, Price Php120

3. Tiny Fangs kiddie tooth gel stage 2 (tutti frutti flavor)

Lately, every brush time is quite a challenge for us since our baby hates her tongue being cleaned. One time she ended up vomiting. So I was looking for a toothgel with a new flavor for her to try. Found this toothgel that’s safe to swallow like the first tooth gel we used.

From Parenting Emporium by Tiny Buds, Php97

4. Swimming Creatures (penguin and whale)

These water toys caught my attention in the toy store counter. You can submerge these wind up toys in water. They’re so cute and fun for you and your little ones. You can now add a little fun to bath time and swimming. A fun summer toy to bring when you swim!

From Toys R Us, Price Php99 each

5. Sacred

A newborn cleanser for our baby boy (who will soon show himself). It can also be used for those with eczema like our little girl and I’ll try it out in my skin too since my skin’s extra dry because of the weather (plus pregnancy hormones). It’s a  cleanser that’s good for sensitive skin without the harmful chemicals like parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, phenoxyethanol, and PEGs that most cleansers have. This is a new newborn cleanser in the market. Let’s support our local brands 🙂

From Parenting Emporium by Sacred, Price Php399

6. Smart Babies board books set

Saw this in the toy store. We were supposed to buy a different toy but the little girl preferred the books when she saw them. It’s a set of 4 learning books for toddlers – animals, numbers, shapes and colors, and ABCs. It’s spillproof and you don’t need to worry about the little ones tearing the pages out. Loved the actual pictures they put in the books too. It is relatively affordable for its contents.

From Toys R Us, Price Php349


It is really important that we buy quality stuff that will last and will be good for our kids. We have so many options out there but sometimes we need other parents’ affirmation on how good a product is.

Sometimes, marketing gets the best of our budgeting plans and we succumbed to the advertisements we see around. Always remember that not everything in the magazines, products endorsed by famous people, or expensive products are the better products to use. Sometimes, going back to the basic and simple styles and products end up more effective and cost-efficient in the long run.

and remember,

“Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.” – Richard L. Evans

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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