Toddler time: 1 year and a month

Our little girl just turned a year old and a month recently and I’m surprised on her development after she turned a year old. She’s growing up really fast even if I stay with her 24/7.


3 days after her first birthday, she walked on her own! Our baby girl’s getting bigger and more independent. Here are some other stuff she can do now. You may also teach your toddlers these simple things too to help them learn simple stuff:

  1. Claps her hands
  2. Say hi and bye to anyone she meets
  3. Flying kisses
  4. Close -open her hands
  5. Align her pointer finger
  6. Raise her hands
  7. Say Ma, Mama, Mom, Mumum
  8. Imitates the sound of the dog
  9. Imitates the sound of the cat
  10. Imitates the sound of the cow
  11. Imitates the sound of the duck with actions
  12. Walks and runs on her own. Hates being in the playpen already.
  13. You can ask her to get and bring you simple stuff
  14. Knows where her hair is
  15. Knows where her tummy is
  16. Knows how to kick bottles and balls while walking
  17. Knows how to shake and hold her milk bottle
  18. Knows how to say hello (with actions pretending to hold a cellphone)
  19. Knows how to dance with music
  20. Knows where and who Papa Jesus and Mama Mary are
  21. Knows how to pray (hand together)
  22. When we sing itsy bitsy spider, she can do the actions by herself (just the words itsy bitsy spider)
  23. Jumps a lot
  24. Tries to imitate what people are doing and saying
  25. Can now stay put in her car seat without the need to watch something from mom’s phone. She observes through the window
  26. She knows her clothes and cries when she wears new clothes that she’s not familiar with
  27. Throws and picks up balls with one hand
  28. Identify some animals and make their sounds
  29. She remembers and loves to read all her books, gets them from her shelves and returns them too
  30. Knows where the moon and stars are
  31. Looks up to the sky for airplanes when you ask her
  32. When you ask her where the ants are, she will look for them on the floor and points to the floor
  33. Knows how to pretend drive in the car
  34. Knows how to give a high five
  35. Knows how to hug and kiss
  36. Has her favorite and preferred shows
  37. Shows great interest for music and bands
  38. Shows food preferences- hates sweets but loves citrus fruits
  39. Knows how to cover mineral water bottles and her milk bottle
  40. Knows where some appliances are like tv, fan, light
  41. Knows how to knock on doors
  42. Puts and remove stuff to amd from the basket or pail
  43. Knows to dance when asked or dances with her favorite music

These are basically some of the simple things our baby can do now. It pays to always talk and keep your baby informed on what is happening around her. Talking to her (with no baby talk) helps expand her knowledge.

In a few weeks time she will have her baby brother around. She will learn new things and learn to be a big sister at a very early age. Can’t wait for them to be together and see how our Chesca will react to a newborn baby.

The days are full of surprises when there are kids around. Her mind is like a sponge and she’s like a mirror imitating adults. So for those who have kids around, be wary of the words you utter, things you watch, and stuff you do. The kids are watching your moves and are processing them so much.


To keep her learning, fix small activities in the home for her development. You don’t need to use expensive materials or toys. More on toddler activities in the coming days with my little girl. You may also enroll them in small playgroup classes so they also know how to interact with other kids their age. This helped my little girl learn too.

Try to guide those little ones as best as you can. These kids today have advance brains that they get too excited with so much going on around them. I don’t introduce iPads yet to her but she sees us use our phones so she learned how to press the screens of our phones. Try to moderate technology and teach them first traditional learning methods and toys to develop their sensory skills better too at an early age.

Don’t pressure for them to learn things. Let them be little and explore. Let them play and have fun! Let them be messy and enjoy! 🙂



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