Toddler House: Summer Time Play and Learn

My daughter recently had a mini-graduation with Toddler House. She joined the first batch of young toddlers who attended this short program. It’s basically an exclusive home-based play school where they meet young toddlers too and play with them. Playing is more on structured to hone and focus on the early learning skills of the toddlers.


The first batch of Toddler House Toddler Play School

I thought “school” for 1 year old kids was a crazy idea before but when I learned that this was more of a structured-play type of school, I had no hesitation to make my daughter join. The classes were twice a week (10 classes) so it approximately lasts for a month and a half.

In the first session, my daughter was observing all the other young toddlers in the group and seemed to be amazed of little people. This was the first time she interacted with babies almost her age (she was the youngest in the group at 11 months but this didn’t stop her from enjoying and learning). The average age is 1 year 4 months to 1 year 8 months. During the other sessions, she became acquiatnted having kids her age around and never had a problem interacting with them. She was gentle with them and shared all the toys.


The play sessions where chaotically fun (imagine small kids running and walking around) and “learning-messy”. All the materials and tools for learning and play where provided for and no need to worry because almost all the stuff used are edible and safe for young kids. The teachers were all super friendly and they will surely make you feel so at home.

Activities include storytelling, singing (with actions), watching educational video clips, water balloons, pasta wagon and rattles (the kids were so into this!), sandbox (you’ll never guess what the sand will be made of! 🙂 ), painting (interesting paints), and a lot lot more. This is very different from the commercialized ones we have in the malls.

Even the yayas/ nannies and mommies enjoyed each session as they are also challenged in all the activities. I learned that kids this young can also focus and follow instructions when they are given the right activities and environment to learn.

What I love about the curriculum is that it included a few minutes of learning and seminar for each class for the nannies. They are taught and briefed on how to be better nannies to their “alaga”. They tackled good nutrition for baby, how to interact with the babies so that they will learn from playing too, and a lot more useful tips and guidelines for the nannies.

I joined each session and pretty much observed the classes well. When we reach home, we sing the same songs so my daughter will not stop learning and now she is familiar with the songs in class- dances and jumps to the music and video clips. I can also easily replicate the activities at home if I want to. I tried a couple of activities at home and she remembered it. Makes me so proud ! 🙂

In the classes, I also get to meet new mommy friends my age who are also first-time moms and we get to exchange stories and experiences about our children. We learn so much from each other too. The yayas/ nannies also learn from each other as they get a few minutes to interact with other yayas/ nannies in each session. Learning doesn’t just come from the classes alone but as we all interact with each other.

I also learned more about my daughter after the classes. Her “report card” accurately describes how she behaved during all the classes and we brought home all her art activities with us. And the teacher also tells me how she is after several sessions. I now know her strengths and I will be focusing more on those and we will improve more on her weaknesses as well. Plus yaya also knows how my baby reacts to different things and how to teach her more since she observed her also in the classes.

Moms, no need to worry because everyone in class is special and outstanding and don’t worry about your kids being super active or not following the instructions precisely, they are more than welcome in this play school! 🙂 They will be guided well and get to play a lot!

You also have an option to continue the program after the first set of classes. So play and learn never stops.

Oh and also, a sweet and lovely mini-graduation awaits your little one too !


The Ortigas branch and Makati branch are now ready for their summer batches! So exciting! Enrollment is by special invitation. Limited slots only since the school wants a manageable population of young tots to monitor each one every class closely. Yes, 2 more batches coming up! Toddler House is growing to guide and teach more kids, mommies, and  nannies. It’s going to be a fun summer activity for your child!

*** Toddler House operates only in the Metro Manila, Philippines.

Children are never too young to learn! 🙂



Toddler House by The One Academy- Early Private Education


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